George Zimmerman Got Served Divorce Papers in Jail — Shellie Zimmerman’s Had Enough of Him!

George Zimmerman Got Served Divorce Papers in Jail -- Shellie Zimmerman's Had Enough of Him!

George Zimmerman‘s wife, Shellie Zimmerman, saw his recent incarceration as an excellent opportunity to send her estranged husband an extra special present: divorce papers! Shellie’s lawyers apparently seized the day and, with the help of jail officials, were able to serve George as he rested in solitary confinement. Shellie filed for divorce on September 5th, but it’s not until now that the papers are entering George’s grimy paws.

Since the Trayvon Martin case finished up, George hasn’t been a stranger to the law and some might say that he thinks he’s above it. Even though he didn’t go to jail for the death of Trayvon Martin, some are quite thrilled with the fact that he got a taste of jail — whatever the reason, and even if it was only for a moment.

Juror B29 told TMZ, she always had a bad feeling about Zimmerman, despite finding him not guilty of murdering Trayvon … a verdict she begrudgingly reached through a strict interpretation of the law. Now, she says Zimmerman’s domestic violence arrest is proof he’s not freedom-worthy … “God is showing George’s true side … [George] is continuing to dig himself a bigger grave.”

The juror, who identifies herself as Maddy, says that he needs to be stopped because he thinks he’s invincible. Since the domestic violence dispute with his girlfriend, George has been released from jail on a $9,000 bond and ordered to stay away from his girlfriend. The judge also tossed him a long list of mandates:

1) Zimmerman must stay 1,500 feet away from his GF at all times, and have ZERO contact with her.
2) He must relinquish possession of his firearms (including the shotgun he allegedly pointed at her)
3) He can’t leave the State of Florida
4) He must wear a monitoring device to track his location

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