Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Cast Spoiler: GG of Shahs Of Sunset Practices With Cheryl Burke

Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Cast Spoiler: GG of Shahs Of Sunset Practice With Cheryl Burke

Just last week Glee’s Amber Riley was crowned the winner of Season 17 of Dancing With The Stars, but fans are already buzzing about who may be appearing on DWTS 18. Seeing as how ABC cast Bill Nye The Science Guy in the last season, it could be anyone, even GG from Bravo’s reality series Shahs of Sunset!

Today Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi posted a photo on Instagram of herself dancing with Dancing With The Stars alum Cheryl Burke, along with this caption: “Practicing my moves with @cherylburke for Dancing With The Stars! I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here but it’s better than my twerking!”

Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Cast Spoiler: GG of Shahs Of Sunset Practice With Cheryl Burke

So, is this GG’s way of secretly announcing she will be appearing on Dancing With The Stars Season 18, or is it just her wishful thinking? GG’s fans on Twitter seemed pretty excited about the idea of her performing on DWTS. Cheryl Burke even responded and said, “You definitely got some moves girl.” GG’s new boyfriend Dennis DeSantis didn’t seem too confident in GG’s dance moves, he quickly responded “Please don’t embarrass us babe on national tv with 25 million viewers.

Ironically GG has been compared to reality TV star Snookie (of Jersey Shore) multiple times, and even been referred to as the “Persian Snookie” on social media sites by Shahs of Sunset viewers. Snookie just appeared on the most recent season of Dancing With The Stars, so the idea of GG being cast as a dancer isn’t THAT far-fetched.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  • Amyee Mary

    I want:
    Amy Lee (Evanescence) with Mark Ballas
    Hilary Duff (former Disney star) with Derek Hough
    Maria Sharapova (tennis player) with Cody Simpson
    Kris Jenner (reality star) with Tristan McManus
    Candace Cameron Bure (Full House) with Tony Dovolani
    Nancy Lopez (golfer) with Val Schmerkovskiy
    Rowan Atkinson (comic actor) with Karina Smirnoff
    Gilbert Gottfried (Comedian) with Cheryl Burke
    Thomas Hulce (actor) with Kym Johnson
    Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) with Emma Slater
    Ashton Kutcher (tv actor) with Sharna Burgess
    Michael Jordan (former NBA player) with Peta Murgatroyd

  • CH

    I love the fact that they are considering people like her and Kelly Brooke for the show, but I would really love to see Kendall Jenner do the show…

  • Sassy Chick

    I want these 12 stars:
    Cody Simpson (singer) & partner Sharna Burgess
    Bruce Jenner (reality star) & partner Karina Smornoff
    Juan Pablo (reality star) & partner Cheryl Burke
    Tom Hulce (former actor) & partner Kym Johnson
    Rowan Atkinson (comic and actor) & partner Peta Murgatroyd
    Michael Jordan (former NBA player) & partner Emma Slater
    Kelly Brook (tv host and reality star) & partner Mark Ballas
    Rumer Willis (actress) & partner Derek Hough
    Celine Dion (singer and actress) & partner Tony Dovolani
    Taylor Swift (country singer) & partner Val Schmercovskiy
    Summer Sanders (tv host and Olympian swimmer) & partner Tristan McManus
    Nancy Lopez (golfer) & partner Maks Schmirkovakiy

  • Lubbock Princess

    For season eighteen (Erin Andrews’ first year), I want these stars:
    1.) Reality star Bruce Jenner & Peta Murgatroyd
    2.) TV host Jeff Probst & his partner Kym Johnson
    3.) Comedian Gilbert Gottfried & his partner Cheryl Burke
    4.) Former NBA player Michael Jordan & his partner Lindsay Slone
    5.) Actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson & his partner Karina Smirnoff
    6.) Singer and actor Ozzy Osbourne & his partner Sharna Burgess
    7.) TV and film actress Candace Cameron Bure & her partner Derek Hough
    8.) Tennis player Maria Sharapova & her partner Valentin Schmerkovskiy
    9.) Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee & her partner Tony Dovolani
    10.) Pop and country singer (ex-Disney star) Miley Cyrus & her partner Mark Ballas
    11.) Model Kelly Brook & her partner Tristan McManus
    12.) Actress Lydia Fox & her partner Sasha Ferber

  • Diedre

    Join the season 18’s “DWTS” club, people!
    Chris Lloyd (veteran actor) and his partner Peta Murgatroyd
    Bruce Jenner (reality star) and his partner Lindsay Slone
    Stuart Pankin (tv & film actor) and his partner Cheryl Burke
    Juan Pablo (Bachelor) and his partner Karina Smirnoff
    Ozzy Osbourne (singer and tv host) and his partner Sharna Burgess
    Thomas Hulce (actor and producer) and his partner Kym Johnson
    Candace Cameron Bure (tv and film actress) and her partner Maks Chmerkovskiy
    Nene Leakes (Real housewife in Georgia) and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy
    Kelly Brook (model) and her partner Tristan Mcmanus
    Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence) and her partner Derek Hough
    Maria Sharapova (tennis player) and her partner Mark Ballas
    Linda Larkin (voice actress) and her partner Tony Dovolani
    P.S. Rowan Atkinson (along with his crazy daughter, Lily) is one actor I like, and Gil G-fried too! But unfortunately, they might be busy, but they will be my alternatives. No offense!

  • Stacy Doll

    For a “Retired” actor, Thomas Hulce is great, and I hope he either dances or does his own producing of musicals. I won’t be mistaken in either way as I like this actor. No one seems to dislike Tom Hulce. People instead dislike Justin Bieber. I hate Justin Bieber!
    I would like most of them to be there, but Nene Leakes would rather be replaced by Brooke Hogan, and I never heard of Kelly Brooke. I would like to see either Miley Cyrus, Lily Atkinson, or Julia Stiles! Great actresses!