Hart Of Dixie RECAP 01/29/13: Season 2 Episode 13 “Lovesick Blues”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 01/29/13: Season 2 Episode 13 “Lovesick Blues”

Tonight on the CW’s HART OF DIXIE returns with a new episode called, “Lovesick Blues.” On tonight’s show Lemon’s plan for the perfect night with Walt goes awry when she begins to feel under the weather. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it HERE for you!

On last week’s episode when George’s parents came to visit, they were thrown when they met his new girlfriend, Tansy, and George’s mother devised a plan that forces George and Zoe to address their feelings for one another. Lemon discovered that Brick had a secret girlfriend and was shocked when she found out who it was. Meanwhile, Annabeth was smitten with a charming British visitor to the town, but Lavon grew suspicious of him and is determined to uncover his real identity. Wilson Bethel also starred. Joe Lazarov directed the episode written by Donald Todd.

On tonight’s show When Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is alerted by the Health Department about a flu epidemic heading towards BlueBell, she is forced to put the town on lockdown. Because of the quarantine, Wade (Wilson Bethel) is forced to stay at his ex-girlfriends house causing Zoe to become jealous. Lemon’s (Jaime King) plan for the perfect night with Walt (guest star Rich McDonald, “Generation Kill”) goes awry when she begins to feel under the weather. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) finds himself roped into directing Lavon’s (Cress Williams) tourism commercial about BlueBell’s small-town charm, but it seems Lavon, is more preoccupied with his co-star than his commercial.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Hart of Dixie Season 2, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Neighboring town Fillmore has a sexy new commercial that has Lavon aggravated. George got a sneak peek at it and it looks like they’re trying to steal Bluebell’s strawberry picking season. George tells Lavon they need their own commercial. He promises to make it in two days.

Zoe and wade are eating breakfast at the Rammer Jammer lamenting that the eggs taste like beer. Wade’s band is playing tonight but Zoe can’t be there. They decide they’re cool being a little separate from each other. Zoe gets a call and heads out.

Lemon needs advice about her new beau Walt. He wants to come cook dinner and Lemon thinks it means he doesn’t like her cooking. AnnaBeth tells her he wants sex. Lemon is shocked because they’ve only been dating eight weeks. AB tells her it’s like watching the Olympics opening ceremonies and you just want to get to the gymnastics…

Lavon tells George he wants an amazing video that will put Fillmore to shame. George has a storyboard that has Lavon and Tom entranced. There are animated strawberries and Taylor Swift singing Strawberry Fields. There’s a hot air balloon and special effects. Lavon is floored. He says it sounds amazing and can’t believe he can do it in two days. George says he needs $1.2 million, town participation and Taylor Swift. Lavon offers $378 and a step stool from the garage.

Lavon gets a call from Zoe who tells him there’s a huge flu outbreak headed their way. Lavon says it will mess up their commercial – and the health of the town. Zoe says they need to make sure they have medicine on hand and lots of supplies. She’s got Rose working for her on it.

Lemon tells Magnolia she can’t be home the next night and Magnolia asks if she’s planning on playing sheets and ladders with Walt. Magnolia insists she can be left home alone – Daddy Brick is out of town. Mags promptly calls her friends and tells them the party is on!

Rose tells Zoe that she would be over the moon if she had a boyfriend in a band like Wade. Dr Z insists they’re cool. Zoe calls from the sound check and hears Lilly Ann’s voice – it’s a Mattress Police reunion and Lilly was in the band. Zoe’s starting to get a little jealous now. Rose is outraged – she says it’s trouble. She says Lilly Anne is super hot and crazy – every guy’s fantasy.

Lavon stops by with town rules and he wants to close the border for a medical emergency. Zoe says he wants to lock people in for the commercial and he insists it’s for public health. Now Wade will be stuck out of town with his crazy ex. Zoe is less than happy about their casual relationship now…

At AB’s house, Lemon stops by to moan about the flu quarantine – she says big government is reaching into our bedrooms. She’s freaking out because she needs to bed him before she loses him. AB points out fine print in the quarantine and it’s all subject to a vote at the town meeting. Bluebellians are meeting at the Rammer Jammer and Zoe is explaining why the lock in is necessary. The town is bored and Lavon explains the flu is like a circling shark.

Lemon comes in and puts on a speech about being American and that people need to be free to leave town. Lemon wants to know if there are exceptions for an organ transplant – hmm – which organ. Zoe says someone can come in if they can show proof of a flu vaccine. The town all votes aye on her suggestion and Lavon tells her she has a future in politics.

George says he needs to cast a part for the commercial for the damsel in distress motorist. Lavon wants AnnaBeth. She agrees and both Lavon and AB are excited. George isn’t so happy and wants to know what’s up with him and AB. Lavon puts it off. Crickett tells AB that Lavon is hot for her and she says she can’t date him because of Lemon and the girl code.

Zoe calls Wade and is upset that he doesn’t have a flu shot. He says he’s never had the flu. She’s upset because he’s in fluville. So he can’t come home and she’s mad because he’s crashing on Lilly Anne’s couch. Lilly Anne offers him a beer and says it’s just like old times. Wade tells her he can get a hotel. She says she doesn’t mind but then starts to make a move on him. Wade tells her that he’s still with Zoe. Lilly Anne says the couch is uncomfortable and Wade says that he is too.

Lavon and AnnaBeth and the rest of the town are filming the commercial. It all goes off without a hitch except for the hot air balloon. It’s not available, but the guy says he can get a bouncy house. George tells AB and Lavon they have great chemistry, but he wants more. He encourages her to fall in love with him and the town and directs Lavon to touch her on the back.

A kid is eating all the prop pies and George is in full freak out mode as the director. Lavon asks AB to rehearse with him later and they make dinner plans at his house. What’s up with the sister code AB?

Zoe calls Wade because she hasn’t heard from him all day and then Cody sneezes. Zoe freaks and takes him back to the office to check him out. Rose is bummed because she has Black Keys concert tickets and can’t go because of the quarantine. She wrangles an invite to Magnolia’s party.

Lemon wants to show AB her preparation for getting busy. AB tells her that she needs to quit planning for a dinner party and plan for sex. She says she needs candles, sexy music and a dress that will come off quickly. Lemon freaks out and AB tells her she has everything she needs. She tells Lemon to take a nap and then come over later. Lemon says she’s her best friend and doesn’t know what she’d do without her. AB calls George and begs out of the commercial – says she thinks she’s got the flu.

Cody for sure has the flu and Zoe orders him home and tells him not to talk to or breathe on anyone. Zoe calls Wade again and chastises him for sleeping at his ex’s house and then not calling her. She turns around and sees a waiting room full of hacking Bluebellians. The flu is there.

Cody gets sneezed on by a guy in a red hoodie roaming through town. Then we see it’s Wade and lo and behold – he’s got the flu! Looks like he’s patient zero that has brought the nasty bug back to town with him from fluville! At least we know he’s not cheating on Zoe – not that I thought he would! I have faith in Wade.

Zoe is treating a huge number of patients, but is worried because she still hasn’t heard from Wade. Lavon is filming the commercial with Crickett who’s not near as good. Lavon says it’s not working without AnnaBeth. George pulls him aside and tells him they’re all having to make do – he’s lost half his crew. Lavon digs in his heels and wants to go bring AB some chicken soup and try to bring her back to health. George chastises him for wanting to bring soup to his girlfriend. He insists she’s just a constituent. George said he’s a constituent and he never brought him soup.

At AB’s, Lemon has wine, candles and sexy CDs. She also gave Lemon Fifty Shades of Grey to leaf through with pages bookmarked. Lemon asks how to build a sex dungeon and wants to know when she should launch into the sex plan. AB tells her to watch him cook and flirt. Once he gets it in the oven, AB says it’s go time because it will need to cook for almost an hour. But then Lemon sneezes. Uh –oh. AB assures her it’s a sneeze of anticipation. Lemon opens the door and Lavon is there with soup saying AB is sick. Lemon runs out to avoid getting sick – says tonight is too important. Lavon wants to know what that means and AB covers for her.

George is freaking because the human pyramid is down to two people. Everyone in town is sick except for Tom and the kid who’s eating up all the strawberry pies. Charlie says he can’t stop eating it – all the pies are too good. George is struck by inspiration. Lemon’s all sexy and ready to get busy, but she keeps hacking and coughing. The doorbell rings and it’s her beau. He tries to kiss her and she sneezes.

At Magnolia’s, Rose shows up and finds only Mags. There’s no one else there because everybody else is sick – it’s just Magnolia and Rose. Rose tries to leave but Magnolia said she has to stay – it’s the first time she’s had the house to herself and she is going to have a party.

The sick ward is covered up and one of the patients tells her Wade is in town, roaming around in his red hoodie. Zoe heads to his house and pounds on the door – she hears him coughing and breaks a window to get in. Sure enough, he’s burning up and so sick. He’s moaning her name and wants to know why she broke his window.

Zoe is trying to nurse Wade back to health and he’s being obstinate. She wants to know why he would rather her think he was cheating than know he was sick. He tells her the tea, toast and wet washcloth is the problem. He says he can take care of himself and doesn’t want her taking care of him. She tells him to keep up the good work and stomps out.
At Lemon’s, she’s trying to be sexy but you can tell she’s not feeling good. He comes in for a kiss and she sneezes on him again. She’s looking worse and worse. Yikes!

AB tells Lavon his soup is delicious and he sits down by her and wants to check her fever, but she won’t let him. She says she could be contagious and he says he has a flu shot. She tells him he should go and he wants to give her the rest of the care package. He insists it’s because they need her for the commercial. He’s brought her a magazine to read to her because that’s what his mom used to do.

Lemon changed into a sexy negligée but the she gets dizzy and has a sneezing fit. She starts to faint and he grabs her. Walt tells her she has the flu and she starts to cry. She tells him she’s ruined their big night and he says it’s just postponed. She tells him it’s okay to go and he says he’s not going anywhere. He cuddles her up and tells her it’s going to be okay.

Zoe slams in and Wade yells at her about the noise. She tells him she left all those messages not because she was worried, but because she missed him. She tells him she should have been there for his band gig and that she should be allowed to take care of him. Zoe tells him he’s not taking care of himself right and calls him a dummy. She brings him soup. Rose calls in terror because Magnolia is sick and won’t let Rose leave her – she’s hanging on to her leg and she needs help.

Lavon is reading a gardening magazine to AB and she tells him he’s really something. Lavon starts to kiss her and she says they can’t do it. He wants to know why and she says she’s very sick. She thanks him for everything and asks him to go. He’s confused. He tells her to feel better and leaves. Poor sexy Lavon…

At the Rammer Jammer, George shows Lavon the Bluebell commercial. It’s a little cute piece with Charlie the pie eater. Lavon says he thinks George should be in charge of all tourism. Lavon tells him he was right about the soup – he said it wasn’t just about the soup. George tells him the camera doesn’t lie – that he and AB have real chemistry.
AB comes to Lemon’s and finds Walt nursing poor sick Lemon.  She wanted to check on her and Lemon says she knows she’s there to apologize for getting her sick. Lemon tells her she can’t go around holding her breath through life. Lemon tells AB she has everything she needs right there.

Zoe has nursed everyone through the flu crisis and then she passes out cold. She wakes up to find Wade very sweetly nursing her back to health even though she’s being a stubborn patient. AB comes to bring Lavon’s soup pot back and she tells him it can never happen again. He said if she means him bringing her soup or this and then he grabs her up in a totally hot kiss that she can’t resist. She wraps her arms around him and gives back as good as she’s getting!

Whoo – Bluebell is getting hot! I am so thrilled that AB and Lavon are smooching, though I’m sure Lemon won’t take it well. And Wade and Zoe had a sweet evolution to their relationship that I’m loving. So until next week Bluebellians – stay safe from the flu!