Are Henry Cavill and Gina Carano Still Together? (PHOTOS)

Are Henry Cavill and Gina Carano Still Together?

This is what happens when you’re a hot actor who hits it big with a movie that the whole world has seen. You will get the stalkerazzi and the crazy fangirls [and probably fanboys] chasing after you. You will have fans that exceed the normal level of crazy and go way, way beyond that. And whoever your girlfriend is, she will be mercilessly torn apart by these ‘fans’.

To be fair, Henry Cavill does seem to have a strong fan base that’s stuck with him through the years, and who are just happy to finally see him succeed. For those fans, hats off to you. However, there are also fans [both new and old] who all seem to be grasping at straws when it concerns Henry’s relationship with MMA fighter turned movie star Gina Carano.

There are people who refuse to believe that Henry’s relationship with Gina is not staged, claiming that it’s eventual PR for the Superman-Wonder Woman team-up, and there others still that claim both Henry and Gina are ‘bearding’ each other. However, there are fans on ONTD and the IMDB comment section – who somehow manage to take stalking to a new level and find out information that I’m not even sure Henry’s publicist knows – who claim that Henry has broken up with Gina since she hasn’t been seen at any of the Man of Steel premieres.

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything – Gina might not have wanted to draw attention away from Henry, she could be busy with a movie role, etc etc. But since some fans will grasp at any straws, they claim that there are eyewitness accounts that state that Henry’s been spotted ‘getting close’ to several women while in Australia. For what it’s worth, there didn’t seem to be any picture evidence of this ‘flirting’, and I think Gina’s just busy. Either that, or the studio’s trying to sell him as single to draw in more women to see the film. If that’s the case, trust me WB, you don’t need to sell him as single to get women to come to the movie – his face and body is already doing that for you.

If you guys want more details, you should definitely check out the comment section of Henry’s IMDB page. There’s too much to post on here, but you can sift through the crazy for yourself and try to separate fact from fiction.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • She’d be smart to stay with him!

  • Ali

    Had no idea they were dating, interesting couple though.

  • mimi

    A few months ago they were supposedly engaged, but now they’re just dating I think. I’m not sure what happened. The proposal announcment was on IMDB in the trivia I believe.

    • Eli

      nope :o) he was engaged ONLY with Ellen

  • Annmarie

    Gina busy? Yeah doing what exactly? OK so I am thinking that the 3 most important life events for Henry would start with #1 the premieres of the movie that will be his life forever, #2 his marriage and #3 the birth of his children. Hmmm premiere’s, she’s not there. Let’s hope she doesn’t show up for 2 and 3 :)

    • The Truth

      Why should we hope that? How does that affect anyone? Do you have a man you can sleep with tonight? Go to him. Focus on something else.

  • devamma

    You do realize that this is speculation right? The writer’s not saying that they have broken up, they’re just writing a humorous article about how crazy fans are going over the rumors. And also, websites don’t stalk celebrities, the paparazzi do. And why click the link when you don’t want to be part of this speculation? Looks to me like you’re the hypocrite.

  • Annmarie

    They can’t post a recent pic, they would need to be in the same place at the same time :)

  • The Truth

    Hahahahahaha. Paula Milheiras and AnnMarie are names I recognize from Facebook. I think AnnMarie may be AnnMarie “Cavill” (an alias) and they are all over Facebook and the IMDB boards along with their cougar friends (they may be part of the Henry Cavill Cougars) and they say the rudest, meanest things about a woman they will never know personally (Gina) and her relationship with a man they will never sleep with (Henry). They yammer 24/7 so by writing this article hopefully you will remind the other fan girls that they are utter losers. They psychoanalyze each photo they see and delude themselves into believing that they have insight from said photos (or lack thereof). It’s hysterical!!! As long as they’re buying the movie tickets Henry’s agents and publicists are probably thrilled that these old women (Ive seen their profile pictures on Facebook) speculate and propagate. Hahahahahaha. When I’m 59 I hope I’ve got more going on in my life

    • Annmarie

      Wrong I am not that AnnMarie, so you may want to start by apologizing for calling people out that have not posted here!! See it’s all about the facts ladies, which you are constantly over looking!!

  • The Truth

    Everyone needs to leave Gina alone. Whatever happens between those two is their private business. It’s not anyone’s concern. NOT YOUR CONCERN. Henry is gorgeous but he has a right to privacy. GROW UP AND LEAVE HIS GIRLFRIEND ALONE. From all accounts, she is a nice lady and highly esteemed among her peers and filmmakers. The critics are cyber bullies– just older, with saggy breasts. Would love to see Gina put them in their place. She’s bad ass.

  • allie

    I hope they’re still together.

  • Michelle Lee

    I really admire those actors who don’t leave their wife or gf when they become famous, best examples are Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum and Armie Hammer. These men are in the same calliber of Cavill in the looks department… let say this rumours are right, then it show’s what kind of a man Henry Cavill truly is (” A**hole “.)… But if he choose to be with Gina after his MOS world tour then he is indeed the best man on the planet!

    • Eli

      ¿? you are with someone because it works, not because you are less or more famous

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  • Eli

    wow your last sentence! LOL

    Gina was famous in EEUU and Henry was famous in Europe and EEUU because of Tudors; even WOODY ALLEN hired him for one of his movies, and btw he had the leading caracter with Inmortals before Superman, but obviously Man of Steel is huge. He was famous even in South America, including the HUGE market of Brasil. He is working SINCE 2001 as an actor. I knew about her because they had a relationship. I don’t say she is new, she was known because of that rough sport she practiced, I say she is new as an actress, btw she has a good PR team!

  • Eli

    A little example, an interview downloaded in 2010 (but did it long time before, and before Superman) in an american channel and translated in portuguese. It’s ok if you didn’t know about him but he was famous ;-)

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  • Eli

    “I bet you just feel stupid right now don’t you?! Not all henry’s fans are like you” WOW!!!! BREATHE!!! 1, 2, 3 BREATHE!!! 1, 2, 3 You need to calm down.

    “The wannabe fans like yourself are working 24/7 to ruin his gf life” WOW AGAIN! LOL If they are not together anymore is because it didn’t work, as everyone else; don’t find silly reasons.

    If you saw every of his movies why you are so agressive.

    I wish her good luck in every face of her life I don’t know why you are so negative.

    Last comment from my part, and again BREATHE!

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