Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Presidential Bid To Be Preceded By $25 Million Tell All Biography – Report

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Presidential Bid To Be Preceded By $25 Million Tell All Biography - Report

It’s the book the many political honchos prayed would never see the light of day. Of course I’m talking about Hillary Clinton’s shocking tell-all that is in the works. After more than 30 years in the political world she holds the key information to many of the scandals that have rocked Washington in recent years and she’s ready to talk.

According to the May 20th print edition of National Enquirer, Hillary has made up her mind to talk now because she has an ulterior motive. She is fully intending to make a serious bid in the 2016 presidential election and she wants to be good and sure that her closet has been emptied so that she can run a clean campaign without worrying about all of the skeletons rattling in her closet.

First and foremost Hillary is prepared to discuss having had bisexual relationships that have helped to form her opinions on Gay Marriage. She’s also prepared to get real about the Monica Lewinsky scandal in spite of Bill Clinton not supporting it. Apparently Monica had actually planned on trying to get pregnant with Bill’s child so that he would leave Hillary for her. When Hil was informed her immediate response was to vomit!

Hillary also knows a lot of the Obama administrations secrets and she is anxious to dish on how the Osama Bin Laden situation was handled. Allegedly, there was a big dispute in how to handle the public representation of his corpse and to this day Hillary believes that photos of his bullet-ridden body should have been released as proof of his death to the American people. Obama nixed that idea, fearing that the Muslim world would retaliate.

These are just a few of the things that Hillary is ready to talk on the record about and she doesn’t care who approves! Will you be grabbing a copy of Hil’s book when it hits book shelves? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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