Hollywood Catie Radio Hits the Airwaves to Dish on Bravo-Celebrities Gone Bad, Crumbling Marriages and Young Hollywood Run Amuck

Hollywood Catie Radio Hits the Airwaves to Dish on Bravo-Celbrities Gone Bad, Crumbling Marriages and Young Hollywood Run Amuck

Wow. This past week has been so busy that I’m just now finally getting to tell you all about our latest radio blitz. As Monday morning rolled around The Hollywood Catie Report was ready to rise to the occasion and start slinging the latest Celeb Dirty Laundry news. Our first stop was the syndicated Mancow in the Morning show where we discussed the latest twist in the unexpected Simon Cowell baby news. I think nearly everyone is in agreement that this guy is a dirtball friend and I think he is thoroughly regretting his bad decision making, don’t you?

Mancow and I also talked about the impending split between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. I’m starting to think I might be the only one that believed that they were happy at least for awhile! No one else seems to believe for a second that Michael ever cleaned up his philandering ways and that was the catalyst for Catherine’s insecurity and out of control drinking!

I later stopped by K-new 94.3 in Palm Springs and had a hilarious chat with Bill Feingold and Kevin Holmes. We pondered the fate of some of young Hollywood’s biggest wild cards and bonded over our obsession with Bravolebrities.

Tuesday began with an early hit on America’s Radio New Network to weigh the pros and cons of whether or not Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. She showed up on the red carpet for the premiere of We’re the Millers with what appeared to be a baby bump, but was spotted two days later splitting a bottle of wine with Justin Theroux so I say the IVF treatments are wrecking havoc on her usually lean body.

After that I had the privilege of returning to syndicated The Ed Tyll show where it was a true meeting of the radio minds. He and I think a lot alike and really dug into Lindsay Lohan’s latest rehab stint and whether or not Amanda Bynes should be walking the streets barefoot with a huge bank account again anytime soon.

Wednesday morning I was back on America’s News Radio Network to discuss Chris Brown’s latest gimmick. I really doubt he’s leaving music he just needed to say something to divert attention from the fact that he spent 45 whole minutes in jail on a hit and run charge! From there I hoped over to WQTX/WTKG which covers a huge chunk of Michigan to talk about another chronic bad boy, Justin Bieber. Bad boys like Bieber and Chris Brown were also the topic when I later caught up with Jiggy Jaguar on his syndicated show. My night ended with an hour long guest spot on the Kathy Lee Parker Show on LA Talk Radio. You name it we dished it- everything from the multitude of scandals rocking the Kardashians to the latest film flops.

Thursday began as it always does, checking in with The Joe Galuski show on WSYR and this week was a tad different because Glenn Beck was filling in which was a pretty cool surprise. We talked about the news that Michael Girgenti had filed a paternity suit against Kourtney Kardashian and how Simon Cowell’s fling with the married Lauren Silverman had actually gone on for 4 years.

Scientology was the main topic during a lengthy chat with Paul Cook whose show on CBS’ KMOX is heard in 44 states and Mexico and Canada at night. It was interesting to break down the fundamentals of the cultish church and how it seems to have such an iron grip on a lot of Hollywood’s hottest players.

Friday morning brought me back to Bulldog and the Rude Awakening on Ocean City, MD’s 98.1 for the first time in a few months. It was cool to catch up and we burned through everything from a royal baby update to the latest Kardashian scandals. I will be chatting with them again next Friday at 8am and look for more interview dates to be posted for next week!

12 responses to “Hollywood Catie Radio Hits the Airwaves to Dish on Bravo-Celebrities Gone Bad, Crumbling Marriages and Young Hollywood Run Amuck”

  1. Chris says:

    Gotta hide your wives; Simon Cowell is on the loose.

  2. Pamela says:

    Will Jennifer Aniston just get pregnant already?

  3. MakeHerUp says:

    Maybe Simon Cowell can knock up Anniston?

  4. Jocelyn says:

    I wonder if Jennifer can get pregnant!

  5. Jennifer is probably already pregnant.

  6. allie says:

    Lamar Odom is clearly a douche

  7. bohomoth says:

    I’ve been wondering if the Chris Brown seizure was a coke overdose?

  8. bohomoth says:

    Also on Jennifer- I don’t reckon she can get pregnant

  9. busybeeblogger says:

    Glenn Beck started in top 40, so it’s cool he’s back at it.

  10. Ali says:

    Great dishing you did here!

  11. EmilyTrainham says:

    I never would have guessed that about Catherine and Michael!

  12. bohomoth says:

    I agree that Simon’s a dirtball.