Homeland RECAP 11/24/13: Season 3 Episode 9 “One Last Time”

Homeland RECAP 11/24/13: Season 3 Episode 9 “One Last Time”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “One Last Time” Dana grapples with her new life.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode they finally had a Langley bombing suspect and Quinn and Carrie went after them.  BUT they wanted to take the suspect out and Carrie was not pleased, Saul promised she could question him.  Carrie being Carrie headed out to stop the kill and Quinn warned her he will take the shot even with her in the way.  Carrie has spent this whole season trying to prove Brody’s innocence and she is unwilling to stop now.  It resulted in Carrie getting shot in the shoulder.  Brodie was back at least for about one minute.  Saul went to see him where he was being held.

On tonight’s show Carrie reunites with Brody, but the circumstances are more difficult than either of them imagined. Meanwhile, Saul gets a win from an unlikely source; and Dana struggles with her new life away from home.  The doctor at the hospital confirms what Carrie knows that she is 13 weeks pregnant and the baby is fine.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 9 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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Carrie wakes in the hospital. She is told she was brought to the Naval Hospital after she was shot. The doc says it was a through and through and that she’s lucky. She says the guy who shot her is just a great shot. She asks how long she’ll be there and he asks if she knows she’s 13 weeks pregnant. He tells her the baby should be fine. She wonders if the CIA will leave her there until they know what to do with her.

Brody is triaged. He tries to set and is held back. He’s completely disoriented. The medics discuss that he’s gone cold turkey and that his pulse is thready. He freaks out and starts fighting them and they have to restrain him. Saul and Dar watch this on video and wonder if he’ll be ready for Lockhart’s confirmation in seven days. And they wonder whether he’ll cooperate.

The medic comes out and runs down the list of medical issues Brody has – anemic, dehydrated, probably Hepatitis C and maybe even HIV. The medic says he can keep him stable but says that Brody is a junkie and what’s he feeling now is just getting started. He says methadone would be good and Saul says he has to be completely clean. He tells the medic to keep him alive.

Brody’s on the floor, vomiting and in physical distress from withdrawal symptoms. He staggers to his feet and throws off his blanket. He runs for the med kit and says “I need it.” They tell him there’s no medication and they hold him down and put him back in bed as he begs for the drugs.

Lockhart comes to see Carrie in the hospital. He tells her there are two armed guards outside her door and says she’s not going anywhere. He tells her that she’s obviously been the victim of a CIA operation gone wrong but how bizarre it is that she still thinks he’s the enemy. He reminds her that CIA ops on American soil aren’t authorized. She says she’s on painkillers and can’t understand what he’s saying.

He tells her he’s been going through her files and that she needs someone on her side. She asks why. He tells her that Saul put her in this position and he’s on his way out. She tells him to ask Saul. Lockhart asks why Saul was in Venezuela and when she looks surprised he assumes she didn’t know.

Saul tells Dar Carrie left him a message that said Lockhart came to see her and was asking about Caracas. Saul says they need to keep her under guard at the hospital and away from Brody. They wonder how Lockhart knew Saul went to South America since only the two of them knew. He tells him to have their homes and offices swept.

The medic carries Brody into the shower injured. The rinse him off in the shower and he cries and says his skin is burning. They realize he won’t be in any shape in a few days at the rate he’s going. Dar suggests a Nigerian drug that accelerates withdrawal but makes the symptoms worse. They agree they have to use it on him.

The CIA bug sweepers find the bug that Saul’s wife’s boyfriend put on his desk. They reverse trace it to where’s it’s broadcasting to.

Brody is singing the Marine Corps anthem, totally lost in the rigors of accelerated withdrawal. He talks to someone who’s not there. But then he sees the guy – a hallucination of a fallen comrade. Brody slaps his head and cries and screams. He beats himself against the walls and screams – get out! He climbs up to the camera mounted on the wall and yells – what the fuck did you give me?

He goes berserk, bashing the furniture and screaming. He breaks off a piece of wood and begins stabbing himself in the arm. Saul runs in and stops him. They are trying to help him, but in Brody’s mind, he sees the doc in Caracas that dosed him with heroin over and over. The medics restrain Brody and sedate him and tell Saul he’ll sleep for a while.

The bug guys watch the house where the bug was transmitting to. They worry that it’s a dead end, but then someone walks out and they snap photos.

Brody wakes and sees Saul watching him. He tells him he’s alive and it wasn’t a given. Saul asks if he wants water and he asks Saul why he didn’t leave him there to die. Saul says that was never an option. Brody asks if he’s facing a trial and he says he didn’t do it. Saul says he agrees but that his transgressions don’t begin or end with the CIA bombing. He says they both know what Brody is and what he’s done.

Saul says he’s dug himself so deep into a hole that common sense says there’s no way out. But Saul says he’s ready to offer him a chance to be a marine again – the man he once was before they broke him. Brody says six weeks – no more. He says he’s done and Saul says he’s not done and he’ll do this one last thing. Brody says no – he says just to kill him. He cries. Saul comes to sit on the bed and asks if he wants to die. Saul says we’ll see about that.

The medics are on a boat out in the ocean. They toss Brody overboard. They watch the still of the water where he went under. One says he’s going in after him and another says not to – he says Brody will come up so they wait. The water is still. They check their watches. They finally agree to go in after him. They’ve got him and they drag him back aboard the boat.

He chokes up water and is okay. They report to Saul and Dar that he didn’t try to save himself. The medic says now he’s refusing to eat. They order them to force feed him. Dar tells Saul it’s now or never and they have to force Brody to cooperate.

Saul goes to see Carrie at the hospital. He asks how she’s feeling and she says he doesn’t care. Carrie tells him he had her shot. He says she was compromising the mission and she says she was clearing Brody. She says he lied to her and he says that they can talk about who lied to who. He knows she snuck Brody out of the country while she says she was unconscious.

Saul asks if she wants to know how he is and she asks. He tells her that he’s not well. She asks what he did to Brody and he says her assumptions are so misguided as to be frightening. He says he found Brody in a bad way and it wasn’t something he wanted. She asks where he is and he says he’s in Virginia and a special ops team is trying to get him in shape.

She asks for what he and he says it’s a special play involving Brody and he hopes she’ll help him convince Brody to participate. She says she thought Javadi was the play and he says he is but that Brody is the next phase. She asks why he needs her. Saul is after Javadi’s boss. He says that guy needs to be gone – that’s he the single impediment to peace.

Carrie tells him good luck and Saul says Brody can get to him by seeking political asylum as the admitted CIA bomber. They want Brody to meet with the head of the Republican Guard and take him out so Javadi will be promoted. She says it’s a suicide mission and Saul says he’ll have back up. He tells her how important it is to get Javadi into the ultimate power position.

Saul says it can break the log jam so there’s not another war and will change two countries that haven’t been able to communicate in 30 years except through terrorist acts can finally talk. He tells her that’s the play and asks if it’s worth her time. Brody sleeps in his room as Carrie comes in. She sits at his bedside, arm in a cast from the gunshot wound. She looks at him for a long time.

He senses someone is there and wakes. He rolls over and sees her there. She says – hey. She touches his arm and he stares at her. He rolls back over away from her to stare at the wall. Carrie begins to cry. She tells him she didn’t know he was there until today and came as soon as she heard. She asks if there is anything she can do for him. He says nothing. She heads for the door.

Saul watches this on camera. She comes out and asks when he needs him ready. He tells her the 27th and she asks why so soon and he tells her it’s the start of Lockhart’s confirmation hearings. She asks what happened to him in Caracas. He tells her he was shot and then got hooked on painkillers. He tells her there was also an incident at a mosque that got an Imam and his wife killed because of Brody.

She says she needs a vehicle. Brody is in the back of the car with two of the special ops team and Carrie is up front. The guy asks what happened to her arm and she says hang gliding accident. The other guy tells him not to ask her anything because they’re f-ing CIA. They pull up in front of a hotel and Carrie says now they wait.

The bug team shows Saul the photo of the guy that bugged his house and he says it’s Alan Bernard – a friend of his wife’s that she had a relationship with. Dar asks if she knows the guy is Israeli intelligence and Saul says no. He says her only crime was falling for the guy. Saul tells him to pick the guy up and drop in a dark hole somewhere. They show the guy meeting with Lockhart at a diner. So is he working for Iran and Lockhart or just the Senator.

A maid comes out of the hotel room and Brody sees that it’s Dana. He goes to get out of the car and they have to restrain him. He screams to get out and he starts to fight the guys. He screams her name as they struggle to hold him back. Brody calls her a bitch and then a f-ing bitch. He stares longingly at his daughter and breathes heavy.

Saul stalks into the Senator’s office and hands him an envelope. It’s a photo of him and Bernard. Saul asks if he cares to explain. Lockhart says Bernard is writing a profile on him for a magazine and Saul says Bernard just confirmed to them that he passed him intelligence information from a listening device he had him plant in Saul’s home. Saul explains he can quickly make it an international incident.

Lockhart asks what he wants and Saul says to postpone his CIA confirmation for a few more weeks. Lockhart asks why he’s not using them to destroy him and he says it would humiliate his wife and damage the CIA badly. Saul asks if they have a deal. Lockhart agrees.

Brody paces in his confinement room. Carrie comes back in and asks if he’s calm enough to talk. He asks why his daughter is cleaning hotel rooms in the middle of nowhere. She offers him some soup and tells him to drink it and she’ll tell him. He gulps it down. He asks what’s going on. She says that Dana has had a rough time, dropped out of school and moved out of the house. She tells him Dana even changed her last name.

Brody asks her to take him back to the hotel. He says he wants to talk to Dana and tell her he’s innocent. He yells and she tells him that’s no way to start. She asks if she can ask her escorts to leave. He sits down and calms down. He asks what she wants – he says it’s the same thing Saul wants. She asks what he wants and reminds him he’s wanted redemption.

He tells her he didn’t do the bombing and she tells him the suicide vest and the death of Elizabeth Gaines and the secret service agents, the Imam and his wife are what she’s talking about. She tells him to do what Saul is asking. She tells him to do it, if not for his sake, for Dana’s. She says otherwise, him telling Dana that he’s innocent will be one more lie.

He tells her he’s in no shape to go out for a pack of cigarettes. She says if he’s willing, they’ll make him ready. Next day, the special ops team waits for him on the field. They ask if he has mommy’s permission to come out and play. They ask if he’s ready and head out for a run. He’s in bad shape and falls after a hundred feet.

They tell him to get back on his feet. Someone goes to help and the leader says to let him do it for himself. Carrie watches from the car. Brody struggles to his feet and says he’s good to go. They start the run again. Carrie seems a little more pleased.

The screen says “Sixteen Days Later.” Brody is killing it on a run, putting weapons together and answering questions from intelligence and language drills. He is in great form. They even drill him on Playmate profile facts and he’s performing perfectly.

The lead special ops guy plays backgammon with Brody and he asks if he has anything going on with Carrie. He says nothing and the guy tells him he sees the way Carrie watches him. Brody says nothing and then the guy asks if it’s okay if he hits it. Brody makes a face and the guy says he’s kidding but then Brody says go ahead. He tells Brody he’s married and was joking.

They are called for a briefing. They look at the Iranian satellite feed about how to get Brody to the border of Iran where he’ll surrender. He asks why they think he’ll get close enough to General Akbari. He says he’ll be treated as a hero of the war against America. Saul says Javadi will get him close. Brody wants to know how they’ll extract him. He says his escort will go into Iran through the mountains where they have a safe house.

Carrie is smoking outside when Brody finds her. He asks since when does she smoke and she says she’s not and she doesn’t. She says it just looks like it. She puts it out and says it never happened. Brody tells her he did what she asked and says he wants to go see Dana like she promised. She says she meant after he gets back and he tells her they both know …