Hostages RECAP 11/25/13: Season 1 Episode 10 “Burden of Truth”

Hostages RECAP 11/25/13: Season 1 Episode 10 “Burden of Truth”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “Burden of Truth.”  On tonight’s show Ellen finds someone who might be a viable bone marrow donor.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show when investigators get closer to discovering the conspiracy to kill the President, Duncan was ordered to get rid of an insider by someone very connected to the plot. Meanwhile, Duncan took the next step in his master plan and gave Ellen the poison she’s to use to kill the President.

On tonight’s show after a member of the President’s staff is murdered, Ellen urges Duncan to back out of the assassination plot, while other members of the President’s staff take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, after scouring Nina’s medical records, Ellen finds someone who might be a viable bone marrow donor.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Ellen asks Duncan why the President would kill his wife and he says he would do it to avoid the scandal. The President’s death would get Duncan the bone marrow needed to save his wife. The CIC’s enemies agreed to the deal so long as he guaranteed it would result in the President’s death. He has lied to his whole team as to why they are assassinating him. Duncan tells her he’s in too deep at this point. Ellen says he can still find a way out and she can’t either.

Duncan gets a text. She asks if she could go to the Chief of Staff while she’s at the White House. He tells her the text says he just died of a heart attack. Duncan goes to see his father in law and they wonder why they’re not dead if the plotters are tying up loose ends.

Brian panics when Ellen tells him what has happened. He tells her that they gunned down a teenager in their house and that they won’t stop anyway. She says that something else is going on but doesn’t tell him about Duncan’s wife being the President’s daughter. I wonder why.

Duncan tells his father in law that Ellen has figured out about Nina and says that she’ll keep her mouth shut. Brian asks Ellen if she’s keeping something from him and if she knows why Duncan is doing all this. She lies and says she has no idea.

The first lady (Mary) tells her sister Vanessa that a friend of hers saw Quentin die and says it was awful. She says anytime a young man dies in the prime of his life it’s sad. Vanessa asks if she thinks that’s true about their brother Peter’s death and she says it was partially his own fault. Vanessa complains to Blair that Mary is rationalizing Peter’s death and says that she wishes she could tell her that the President had him killed.

Blair says he’s glad she restrained herself and she says it wasn’t easy. Blair promises Paul will pay. She says she’s not confident that the doctor will deliver on the promise to eliminate the President and says it’s time for them to get more involved!

Duncan meets up with Logan and tells him he doesn’t have the OR schematics yet and Duncan is worried because the event is only five days away and he’s lost his contact Quentin to a “heart attack.” Logan says he’s having a hard time getting the five minute window after the President’s death and Duncan says it’s non-negotiable.

Logan calls Blair and says he wants direct contact with him and Blair says no way. Kramer calls into Sandrine and says he got the cell number of Logan’s contact. She says it’s encrypted and says they need a warrant but thinks they can fake one.

Ellen asks Duncan if he’s tried contacting the President for the bone marrow donation and he says it’s not possible because his wife is the product of rape. Nina’s mother was a journalist that he raped early on in his career. Burton (Nina’s “father”) was Paul’s lawyer back in the day. He says she can’t be bought off. They tell Paul it won’t go away on its own. One of his advisors told him to eliminate the mother. Burton snuck her out of the country and then she died in childbirth. Burton adopted Nina in secret and never told anyone but Duncan.

He says the only reason Burton told him was because Nina got sick. Duncan tells her that the President cannot be reasoned with and now she gets it.

Boyd’s phone rings and Morgan sees that it says “dad” – she brings the phone to Sandrine who listens to a whole roster of messages from his dad that show he’s getting progressively more worried. Morgan tells Sandrine that it’s the first time she heard it ring and says it must have fallen out of his pocket when he climbed in her window.

Ellen tells Duncan she may be able to find another medical solution. He says the best oncologists in the world have looked her over. She says if she’s going to take the President’s life she has to be confident there was no other way. He agrees to send over all of her medical records.

Ted Jankowski – the new acting chief of staff – comes to tell Blair that the President is fully booked and he says it’s very time sensitive but the guy says it’s a busy week and he can’t get him in.

Ellen gets the records and digs into them looking for a solution. She checks the scans, test results – everything. She cross references the reports and calls Duncan to tell him she found something. She found an anonymous donor that was a close match. He says that person wasn’t close enough and she says that it could be a relative that could lead to a better match. He says to give him the donor number and he’ll look into it.

Vanessa tells Blair that they can’t risk OTI and don’t know if they should leave it in Ellen and Duncan’s hands when they’ve failed once already. Blair says it’s hard to kill a President and asks her what other options they have.

Ellen is at her desk when Duncan calls with the name and address of the mystery donor Sally Whitaker. She says she’ll let him know what turns up. Ellen heads to the Whitaker house. She knocks on the door and a man answers. She asks for Sally and he wants to know what she wants. She says she’s there about a recent donation Sally made.

He lets her in and says that there must be an error because Sally never mentioned donating. She sees a photo on the mantel of Duncan and Nina and says it looks like someone she knows. The man says that they’re friends of his wife and she says she’s sorry to have bothered him. She asks for a glass of water and he walks away. She grabs his cell phone off the table and take the water and thanks him.

Blair calls Logan and asks for the President’s itinerary for a last minute out of town trip. He tells Logan he needs him to get in touch with someone.

Ellen calls Sally and says she found the phone in the street. She offers to come pick the phone and Ellen says she’ll drop the phone off to her and gets instructions to her antique store.

Logan calls a man and says Raven referred him to him for a platinum level gig with platinum pay and they are meeting in a park. Duncan and Kramer listen in on the call via a fake warrant they got and they are concerned the meet is about them and loose ends.

Ellen comes into the antique store and Sally invites her back into the office. She looks around the shop and compliments her. The woman pulls a gun and Ellen asks her to put the gun down. Sally says her husband called and told him she stole the phone. Sally says she doesn’t want to get involved and that she needs to leave and not come back. Ellen tells her she knows that she’s Nina’s mother Kate.

Sally says she hasn’t heard that name in years and asks why she’s there. Ellen says Burton told her the story. Ellen says it must have been hard giving up her child. Sally asks what she wants and Ellen says Nina has leukemia and needs a donor. She asks if there were any other children and Sally says no. She’s crying. Ellen is disappointed and says she’s sorry to have disturbed her. Sally asks why Nina’s life is so important to her and Ellen says she has a family too.

The doorbell rings at the Sander’s and it’s Boyd’s father John! Brian says Morgan told him all about his son Boyd and John says he must have heard the news. Brian asks what news and John says that Boyd broke up with Morgan in a cowardly manner. Brian says not to worry about it because boys that age are emotionally immature. John asks to speak to Morgan to apologize to her. He calls his daughter down and introduces him. Morgan says they’ve met.

John says he wishes he was there under different circumstances and that he’s there to apologize on behalf of Boyd. Morgan says it’s okay. John says he heard from Boyd an hour ago and he told him everything.

Logan walks with the assassin who says he wants double his normal rate. The guy insists that he pick his own team and Logan agrees. The guy says he needs to know why. Kramer walks by and records the call.

Morgan tells John it’s okay and that her parents know that she’s pregnant. John says that it’s a bad time for Boyd to ship out on a shipping boat for three months. Morgan says he’s been talking about it for months and that she doesn’t blame him or Boyd. John says he should have set a better example and wasn’t around enough when Boyd was growing up. Sandrine cries as she watches this scene on the surveillance camera.

Kramer comes in and shows her the photo of Logan and the mystery guy. She agrees to run it through facial recognition and see what turns up. Kramer asks if she’s okay and she insists she’s fine.

Duncan and Ellen meet up and she tells him that Sally is Nina’s mom. He asks if she’s positive and she says that she is and that Sally confirmed what the President did to her. Duncan goes to confront Burton and he admits to it but says it was easier to keep it a secret. He says he’s been carrying the burden for years and it was easier to keep it from Duncan. Duncan demands to know if there’s anything else he’s kept from him and Burton says he has told him everything.

Sandrine gets a hit on the facial rec software and calls Duncan. She tells him it’s Robert Harper, a former ranger and sniper that Logan was talking to. He has over 100 confirmed kills. Burton asks Duncan what’s going on and he tells him about the sniper. Duncan tells him he thinks they’re going to take him out!

Burton and Duncan decide they must be mopping up loose ends. Burton wants to flee the country but Duncan wants to take out the sniper before he takes him out.

Brian asks Morgan what the hell that was after John leaves. She says she and Sandrine cooked it up after they found Boyd’s phone. Brian is appalled that she used “we” to talk about her and the killers. She says they didn’t mean to kill Boyd. Brian tells her they are evil people that are holding them hostage. She doesn’t see it that way anymore.

Vanessa asks Blair how it’s going and he says he likes that he’s hands on again. He says as a marine, he likes getting his hands dirty. She asks about Duncan and he says he’s handling it.

Brian tells Ellen he’s worried about Morgan because she’s working with them now to cover up the death. Ellen says Morgan did the right thing and that they no longer have a moral imperative. Ellen says she’s ready to do what they want. Brian says they still need to fight back. Ellen says too many people have died and that he almost did – to save one man. She says she’s not ready to sacrifice her family to save Paul Kincaid.

He asks where this is coming from and says it’s Duncan talking and that he’s been manipulating them from the start. Brian says they can’t trust Duncan and she says she disagrees.

Sandrine gives Duncan the sniper’s address and asks if he needs help. He says he doesn’t and thanks her for sticking around. Sandrine gets a text telling her to meet someone and that her son’s life depends on it. She comes down and tells Kramer she has to go out and see someone about her kid. Kramer tells her to go and says he’ll cover for her. She heads out.

Duncan breaks into a building and heads into the stairwell. Some giggling kids come in and he hides from them in the shadows. After they leave he heads downstairs. He picks a lock and sneaks into an apartment. He puts a silencer on his gun. He heads down the hall – the place looks huge – like an old restaurant or something. He uncovers the person lying there and it’s a woman – not the sniper. He checks the computer and sees a boarding pass to New York City. He leaves without waking her.

Kramer comes to see Morgan and she asks what he wants. He hands her something that he says was in Boyd’s pocket that he thinks was meant for her. It’s an engagement ring! Kramer starts to leave and Morgan calls him back. She asks where he was buried and he tells her to keep the ring and not think about the rest.

Duncan comes back to Burton’s and tells him that the sniper is on the way to NYC. Burton asks why he’s going to New York and Duncan says he’s not the target. They realize he’s after the President and they wonder where and when it will happen.

Sandrine shows up and it’s Logan who texted her. He says her son is safe and sound with his dad. He tells her he needs an inside person on Duncan’s team. She asks what he’s offering.

Burton shows him the newspaper that says he’ll be at the UN, Federal Reserve and NY Stock Exchange. Then he sees there’s a meeting with the teamsters and Burton says that’s a fake because he has the union in his pocket and hates the union leader. Burton says when he worked with the president, he always stops by a particular church and that it’s a perfect place to take him out! Duncan says they need to get there first so they can save him to save Nina!