Hostages RECAP 12/9/13: Season 1 Episode 12 “The Cost of Living”

Hostages RECAP 12/9/13: Season 1 Episode 12 “The Cost of Living”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “The Cost of Living”.”  On tonight’s show Duncan’s trip to New York City puts a snag in the plans to take out the President.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show Duncan locked the Sanders family in a room for the day while he and his team headed to New York City to eliminate the sniper team targeting President Kincaid. Meanwhile, Duncan’s mother-in-law told Burton she wanted to expose the President.

On tonight’s show when Brian goes to the police to expose Duncan and his team, he decides against telling the truth after Burton shows up and shows him evidence of Ellen and Duncan getting close. Meanwhile, Duncan’s trip to New York City puts a snag in the plans to take out the President.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Duncan is tied up and Logan comes up and yanks the tape off his mouth. Logan tells him people are upset that he foiled the assassination. Duncan asks what next and Logan says it’s not up to him. Blair comes in and introduces himself. He says he know what he and his team did in New York and Duncan says he know what they tried to do. Duncan tells Blair he had to keep himself from being made expendable. He tells Blair he can still get the job done and Blair asks how he can be sure. He reminds him that he took out his top notch sniper team. Blair pulls out a knife and slashes – he cuts Duncan’s ties and releases him.

They ask Duncan if Ellen will come through for them and he says she will. He reminds Blair that she’ll need support in the OR and they tell him that a problem has cropped up that they need him to take care of.

At the Sanders, Duncan and Ellen stand in the kitchen awkwardly. She tells him she doesn’t hate him. Duncan says he’s glad to hear that. Ellen leans closer like she might kiss him and he says they can’t get distracted – he says they have to focus on saving their families and that they’re doing the right thing. He holds her hand briefly.

Brian comes in and says he has to go to the police station because the detective called him back about the limo driver’s death. Duncan asks where they called and he says they called his office and his secretary called him. He says he called the detective and he asked him to come in. He offers Duncan his phone and says he can check it out.

Duncan sends Archer to drive him. Brian comes into the police station and asks for Detective Hall. Meanwhile Duncan calls Burton and tells him he needs him to check on something. The desk sergeant asks what it’s about and Brian says he’ll only talk to him. He says he’ll be back from court soon and takes Brian back.

Logan meets with Sandrine and chews her out for not alerting him that Duncan was taking out the assassination team. She swears she didn’t know why they were in New York until it was too late. She says if she had called him her cover would have been blown. Logan tells her if she wants to move to Canada with her son she needs to promise to eliminate Duncan, Archer and Kramer after the operation. She says he can count on her.

The desk sergeant brings in Burton and tells Brian that his lawyer is here. Brian tells him to go away and says that he can’t stop him from telling the police. Burton reminds him how the police and public treated Patty Hearst after she was held hostage and committed crimes with her kidnappers. Burton tells him the police will assume they were in on it.

Brian says that wouldn’t happen and Burton pulls out a print out from the security cam footage of Duncan and Ellen kissing. He tells him no one is going to believe she wasn’t in on it when she was kissing her captor. Brian looks horrified. He tosses the photo down and says he thinks it’s doctored and that no one will think it’s real. Burton assures him it’s real and says there’s video too.

Detective Hall finally comes in and Brian is in a tough spot. Brian says after consulting with his attorney, he believes the information he was going to disclose is inaccurate. He says he had nothing to say. He goes home and confronts Ellen about kissing Duncan. He tells her he went to the DC Police and that Burton showed up and showed him a photo of her with Duncan.

He asks if he’s real and she says they kissed once. Brian asks her what the hell is wrong with her. She says she was trying to convince him she was cooperating and it just happened. He calls Duncan a son of a bitch and Ellen tells him it’s not what he thinks – she tells him he’s doing it to save his wife’s life.

Duncan tells Archer and Kramer that the guys in charge know what they did in New York. He shows them a photo of Cahill – a new primary Secret Service agent that’s senior to Logan. He says they need to get him out of the way and Archer says it will be hard to kill a Secret Service agent. Duncan says they don’t need to kill him, just get him out of the way. He asks where Sandrine is and Kramer says she went to meet with a lawyer about her son.

Brian is unsympathetic and says that Duncan’s actions are unjustifiable. She says only Kincaid was going to die and Brian says that still doesn’t make it okay and he doesn’t believe it. She says she saw Nina’s mother and confirmed it. Brian says even his wife dying doesn’t change things. He basically tells her that shit happens and that’s life.

Lyndon comes to see Blair to check in. He’s concerned with the rumored end to OTI. Blair says the president is waiting a couple of weeks to announce the end of the program. Blair asks Lyndon if he wants the details and he says no – that details make him nervous. Blair tells him that the balance of power is shifting and Lyndon tells him it’s where it always was – with the money.

Archer meets up with a blonde woman and tells her he has work for her. He say the gig is different and requires discretion. She says that costs extra and Archer says no problem.

Duncan grabs Brian and chokes him out and tells him he’s signing his death warrant by going to the police. Brian says he doesn’t believe him and Duncan says – your wife believes me. Brian tells him he doesn’t want to hear him talk about her and punches him. Duncan smacks him around and chokes him out again. Brian says – you’re going to burn in hell and Duncan says – I probably will, but that won’t change anything.

Archer asks Sandrine how her lawyer appointment went and she plays along and says the problem is she can’t talk about her stable career. He wants to know why she’s seeing a DC attorney when her son is in New York. She asks if he’s a law expert and he says he’s just worried about her. She insists there’s nothing to be worried about. She walks out and he gives her a long stare.

Brian asks Morgan if she can get him a phone from a friend or someone that can’t be traced. Morgan says her Mom told them she was handling it and to cooperate. Brian says he knows a way out of this but he needs to make a phone call. Morgan seems uncertain.

Ellen is at the hospital when a cop and a criminal are wheeled into the ER with gunshot wounds. She gets the perp and say she has to operate right away.

Sandrine meets with Logan again. She asks what the specifics are and he gives her three charges – basically bombs he wants her to put on their cars. He says he’ll handle the detonators. He says they’ll go off after the successful surgery. he tells her to plant the bombs today. Archer spies on Sandrine with Logan and isn’t pleased.

Archer tells Duncan that he met with the girl and it’s all good. He also tells Duncan he thinks Sandrine is playing them. He says she met with a guy with government plates. Archer doesn’t know Logan obviously. Duncan asks what the guy looks like and shows him a snap of Logan and Archer confirms it’s him. They want to know why she’s talking to him. She comes in just then and heads upstairs.

In surgery, Ellen has sewn up all the bleeders when a cop bursts in and says that his partner just died because the guy she’s trying to save shot him in the face. The nurse says he was a young father.

Duncan tells Kramer he needs to be careful around Sandrine. He say she’s a criminal and plays by different rules. He tells him that she may be selling them out to Logan. Kramer says he doesn’t buy it and asks if so, why would she take out the sniper team in New York. He tells him to take her and go watch Steve Patterson. It’s a fake mission and Duncan wants to use it to test her.

Kramer finds Sandrine and asks if she’s okay after taking out the guys in New York. She says she’s fine and did what she had to. He tells her they need to go monitor Patterson and she says she’ll get her gear. She kisses him.

Ellen’s patient is dying and the other doctor and nurses seem to want to let him code and die. They won’t keep working but Ellen goes to work herself. She paddles his heart to get his rhythm going and goes after the bleeder. He stabilizes. The cops watch at the door. She tells Nena to close the patient up and turns her back on the icy stare the cop is giving her.

Kramer tosses her bag in the back and gets in with Kramer. She asks why they’re staking out the prosecutor and asks if it’s about the limo driver. She reminds him that he saved her by taking the guy out. He says – you’d do the same for me and she kisses him and says – of course. As they drive off, we see she’s attached the bomb underneath his truck!

Nena tells Ellen that she wasn’t trying to kill their patient. Ellen says she wasn’t trying to save him either. She says he’s going to get the death penalty anyway. Ellen says that has nothing to do with them and that’s up to judges and juries.

Morgan hands her dad a phone she got for his secret call.

Duncan comes to see a cop buddy of his and he says he needs someone arrested with something that doesn’t have to stick that will just get him off the streets for a bit. Duncan tells him the name and it’s Cahill – the President’s new secret service guy.

Brian goes upstairs with the phone and Archer is looking around for him. He busts in on Brian in the bathroom and tells him he needs to know where he is at all time. He says that he has to know where he is at all times. He says he’s lucky that Duncan didn’t have him put him down. So no phone call for Brian right now…

Vanessa and Blair are having a post-coital chat. He tells her she’ll be the hottest first lady in history. He asks how her meeting with the VP went and she says it went well and that he said he’d be lucky to have Blair on the ticket – what a liar – he said he wanted her. She advises him to visit the Attorney General and kiss his ring but to keep it on the down low so no one knows he’s lobbying for the VP slot.

A young man finds Ellen in the hospital and tells her it was his father that she saved. He says he doesn’t know if he killed the policeman or not but says he’s still his father and a person and thanks her for taking care of him. She looks thoughtful.

Duncan comes into a bar and finds a guy there and says he looks familiar. It’s Cahill and he says he’s secret service. Duncan says he’s FBI and they talk shop.

Archer asks Kramer where Sandrine is and Kramer says she’s around somewhere. He tells Archer to focus on babysitting Brian. Kramer tells Brian he’ll be right back and stomps off. Brain immediately hops up and goes into another room.

Sandrine is under one of their cars affixing another bomb when Archer comes out looking for her. He calls her and listens for the sound of her phone. She has it on vibrate so it fortunately doesn’t ring. He leaves her a message to check in with him when she can.

Brian calls Nina at the hospital! He tells her his name and says he knows Duncan. He tells her that Duncan is holding his family hostage! She says she doesn’t believe him and he tells her that Ellen came to see her a few days ago. He says she’s scheduled to operate on the President in a few days. He tells her that the President is her biological father and that Duncan has lost his mind and is making terrible choices. Brian tells her that if his family dies it’s on her. She thinks back to Duncan’s off behavior and hangs up on Brian.

Duncan tells Cahill that his wife is sick with cancer and Cahill says his wife is in the hospital and has been for two years due to brain damage after a car accident. Cahill tells him it’s all about hope. The woman Archer met with comes to the bar and asks him to get the bartender’s attention for her. He does and she asks if she can squeeze in. She introduces herself as Nicole. Duncan doesn’t look happy.

Vanessa sees Lyndon at a party and she tells him she’s concerned with Blair. She says he had a meeting today with the Attorney General and lied to her about it. She asks if he may be cutting a deal. Lyndon says it’s a coincidence or a problem and he doesn’t believe in coincidences. He promises to look into it.

Duncan looks like he’s having second thoughts about setting Cahill up but he leaves him there with Nicole. His cop buddy is outside waiting to arrest Cahill and he and Duncan chat for a minute. He asks how Nina is doing and Duncan says she’s going to pull through. He points out Cahill to his cop buddy and leaves. In the car, Nicole moves to kiss Cahill and he tells her he can’t because he’s married. He says he loves his wife but can still give her a ride home.

The cop comes up and taps on the window. He says he was just giving her a ride. He tells him to get out of the car. Cahill looks like he’s going for his gun but he was going for his badge. They struggle and Duncan’s friend gets shot. He collapses to the ground. Duncan watches in horror as his friend bleeds, shot in the gut.

Jake says Amelia called and asked if Morgan has her phone.She tells her brother she stole it and gave it to their Dad. She says he has a plan to get them out of it. He reminds her that their Mom said they should cooperate.Ellen comes in and says she had a hard day and a patient almost died. Morgan asks what the plan is and Ellen says they’re going to keep them safe.

Blair meets with Duncan and tells him it’s a win. Duncan says a good cop got shot so it’s not a win. Blair says despite the loss of his colleague – Duncan says he was a friend – that they are back on track and in this together. He says Cahill has been discredited and Logan is back in charge.

Blair asks why two of his team was monitoring Patterson. Duncan says it’s part of an ongoing FBI investigation. He reminds him he’s working two jobs too. Blair says he’s glad to know it’s not cold feet and leaves. Duncan calls Archer and tells him Sandrine has betrayed them.

Sawyer reads her dad a report she wrote for school saying he’s a hero. Duncan kisses her and thanks her. Burton comes in and says that Nina has called several times for Duncan.

Brian tells Ellen that he told Nina everything and that she can put a stop to it all. Ellen says she can also put a stop to it. She says she’s realized she can’t kill Kincaid and that she just lost her way. Brian tells her he loves her.

Duncan goes to see Nina and she tells him Brian called and told her what he’s planning and what he’s doing to their family. She demands to know if it’s true.