Ian Somerhalder Dumped Nina Dobrev Because She Wanted His Baby and a Marriage

Ian Somerhalder Dumped Nina Dobrev Because She Wanted His Baby

If you wait long enough these Hollywood splits start to make a whole lot of sense. The best we can tell, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder split up months ago, shortly after the Oscars. Neither one of them would comment on the status of their relationship until the current season of The Vampire Diaries wrapped up. Then Nina’s friends blabbed to the press about how Nina didn’t want to settle down yet so she left Ian – basically spinning it as far from the truth as possible.

After nearly 3 years together Nina was more than ready to move their relationship forward, but you know how it goes. Nothing chases a guy away faster than the thought of committing before he’s ready. Ian’s response was to apparently hook up with costar, Malese Jow and it delivered his romance with Nina a total death blow.

Last Christmas Ian was quoted as saying that one of his favorite things about Nina was her ability to live in the moment. He later vaguely commented on their split saying that sometimes people change and forget to tell you. After being spotted out with a few random women Ian has admitted that he has issues with women. He vented, “I would be happy if a woman would just go for dinner with me, rather than wanting my babies straight away!”

I don’t think those one night flings were looking for a picket fence scenario, but it seems that Nina really was and Ian didn’t take things nearly as seriously!

No wonder Nina and Julianne Hough have totally bonded these past few months! They were 100% is the exact same situation – holding out for years for a man that would never totally commit, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  4. Kendall says:

    This is so not true. It’s the other way around!!! Nina and Ian both said that Ian was ready for something more… To
    get married and stuff, but Nina wasn’t ready. Ian kept bringing up marriage and kids, and Nina felt un
    comfortable. Also she wanted to be professional and not date any of her co stars, she felt that it was the better
    thing to do. I hate it when things are so wrong and make poeple look like bad guys, neither of them are wrong, or the bad guy. They both agreed on this.

  5. Charlie Chakir says:

    i thorght they already had a baby together? i dont know if thats true but Ian ur 35 or 36 now i think and most men this age start thinking to have a family and nina is so perfect for u and you get along so well and you was together for 3 years. im 26 and met my husband when i was 21 and i was 24 when had our son on 10th of may 2012 then my birthday 18 days later then got married 17th july 2012 and my husband is same age as you Ian :) getting married and being a dad is the best thing in the world.