Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship Only A Showmance For Him – She Is Heartbroken

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship Only A Showmance For Him – She Is Heartbroken

Another weekend, another random chick on Ian Somerhalder’s arm. Fans of his relationship with Nina Dobrev need not worry, this chick like all of the other recent ones’ won’t last more than a night. In fact, sources are now saying that Ian was never really looking for a relationship at all! He is carefully guided by his PR team and is smart enough to realize that, in terms of his career, they absolutely know best. Once his Vampire Diaries character caught on and his star power took off, all he needed to do to really sky rocket was date a hot co-star.


Enter Nina Dobrev. She was the obvious pick and the fact that she and Ian get along great was an added bonus. A showmance was born. They kept it quiet for quite a while and I’m sure that Nina really did win Ian over but this was never intended to last. The problem here is that Nina really fell for Ian which is why she is still struggling with the split. He has easily moved on because his heart wasn’t totally in it in the first place. Now he is just living in the moment and not thinking very far past it. When it comes to the important stuff, well, it’s scheduled perfectly for him. But now he is free of the chains of that long term situation with Nina.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship Only A Showmance For Him – She Is Heartbroken

I have to wonder what the plan actually is for him. Do you think he will be strategically linked to another Hollywood hottie that props up his career? Will there be a newcomer to Vampire Diaries that Ian takes a liking to in real life? What about Nina? Do you think that she really was invested in her relationship with Ian? I know there have been all sorts of things in the press about her just not wanting to get married yet, but is that a pile of crap to save face? Is she really just feeling like a fool? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship Only A Showmance For Him – She Is Heartbroken

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16 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship Only A Showmance For Him – She Is Heartbroken”

  1. isha says:

    you’ve gotto be kidding! don’t talk rubbish about Ian,it’s breaking his fans’ hearts…all your gossip is 100%BS ok?

    • Mabel Estevez says:

      Poor journalism; if you can call it that. That’s his sister, Robin.

    • anonymous says:

      Get off Ian’s dick. You fans think “Oh he can never do wrong” “Oh he’d never do that to nina” And Nina is such this bad girl “Nina is actually innocent, and Ian would be nothing if he didn’t date her, he was nothing before no one even knew he name, so he was smart about what he did, now he got the role in 50 shades of grey? Ian is not a fool. He knew exactly what he did, and Nina know it too. Ian is a regular human being, he’s like ever other man, just because he recycle and seems good in your eyes does not mean he is some perfect saint. Why you think nina is not saying anything about it? B/c fans like you.

      • Maria says:

        1. Nonone here said a thing about Nina amd noone accused Nina here. (and why should we accuse either of them?) We are just saying that this ariticle is a piece of BS.
        2. Ian had a name before th VD. And even if he didn’t what’s wrong with that? Someone has to start somewhere.

        3. The cast of the 50 shades is not chosen yet. So how do you know that Ian got the part?

        4. Can we stop the blame game here? How do we know whose fault this was? Why should we accuse Ian or Nina. If they broke up it’s there life.
        5. That girl is a total stranger. So again this site is notorius for writing BS.

  2. ihatepeople says:

    OMG! This is such a crock of garbage that it’s actually laughable. Anything goes to get people to read your trash huh? SMH

  3. Guest says:

    I’ve met Ian and he’s wonderful (Nina subsequently snubbed me btw) and with everything that he does to save this planet and the compassion he shows how could you possible say such demeaning things. Grow up and don’t make rude comments and assumptions about people.

  4. Mabel Estevez says:

    That’s his sister, d-bags.

  5. Faith Bailey says:

    you have nothing to say so you make up stuff..it would be nice if Ian and Nina could sue such articles as this…no one is dishing enough dirt so you have to make it up.. Get a life

  6. klaus says:

    i bet this isnt even true he doesnt seem like the type to do such things

  7. Laurie Vitale says:

    I think we will never know because it is between the two of them. Love the show!

  8. kam says:

    i think you are absolutely pathetic, talking as if you know everything. Truth is… you dont know a certain thing about them, whether they really broke up or not. Ian has already spoken about his beautiful future with dobrev. You’re just trying to dish out attention and needed something to write about.

  9. Taps Chirairo says:

    Oh my gosh, u guys are sick.that chick around his arm is a stranger so please stop with your bullshit….its disgusting, it just aint right

  10. Marina89890 . says:

    WTF?? I think it’s vice versa! she’s the one interested only in her carier, she said that in an interview.
    Ian is a great man, and he deserves all the best! Good luck Ian, you will find a woman as special as you are!

  11. Nam Cong says:

    i think ian really fell for nina too

    And i could understand nina if she dosnt want to marry ian i mean she is so young.