Ian Somerhalder’s New Year’s Resolution: Get Nina Dobrev Back

Ian Somerhalder's New Year's Resolution: Get Nina Dobrev Back

Everybody thought that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were back together after sources claimed that they were hanging out again. But hanging out doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re dating again, and our sources have told us that Nina and Ian are still making sure to take it slow. They’re not sure, or rather, Nina’s not sure if she’s ready to jump back into such a serious relationship. The fact of the matter is, all the reasons that they broke up still exist. Nina’s only 24 years old, and her career’s just starting to take off. And when Nina and Ian wrap the Vampire Diaries, which will probably happen next season or soon after, it’s likely that they won’t see each other as often.

But obviously, being logical in romance is difficult. Even if Nina’s determined to take her time with Ian, Ian is reportedly waiting for a chance to sweep Nina off her feet again. Sources tell us that Ian has made it his new year’s resolution to get Nina back, no matter what it takes. He reportedly got jealous after Nina started hanging out with her ex Derek Hough, and he realized that if he doesn’t do something soon, she might have yet another boyfriend. After all, she is one of Hollywood’s new ‘It’ girls, and she has no shortage of suitors.

Now, will Ian succeed? That’s a whole different discussion in itself. Whatever Ian tries, it still depends on Nina’s decisions.

What do you guys think? Will Nina and Ian get back together, or will they stay apart? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Guest

    What a joke! Ian does NOT want Nina Dobrev back.

    • Guest

      He actually does. Why wouldn’t he.. they’re close and it’s sad how many people agree. Nina’s gorgeous and such a sweet girl. And Ian’s very handsome and an amazing guy. They were perfect together

  • isha

    M..i read every article on earth on Ian Somerhalder..so i came by yours..which is of course as hilarious as the previous one here on Ian..Since u asked what i think..I think Nina is 24 as u stressed in all articles and Derek is 28 years..iS that young enough for Nina or no?When i’ve slept with a guy age ceases to matter.(i’m not implying anything,u said they did live together).On the other hand,if I’m not ready for being serious&to get married,i will make excuses,but if tomorrow maybe Tom Cruise who is quite old and rich and famous for wrong reasons now asks to marry me I will..and age and being ready won’t matter..on the other hand,I may not..and decide to go on tours and enjoy my life away from work,i might put funny insta and twitter pics to show that life is really a great joy&being on beaches and grinning happily is what life is actually about..i may pass an occasional message for the unfortunate and poor on twitter,i may shed some tears too..And yes I like to dance and be merry..and smile a lot and make crazy faces which is appropriate because I am young and beautiful and work hard and earn and I am happy..Also I need a man who looks good in track pants which is not the case usually….I need a great man .Also he should be flexible..And as kind and sweet and family loving like me..People move on,I am so young and my new boyfriend is young too,we are young and we don’t have to be too serious about the world and it’s ongoings,we should have fun whenever we can.,But I’d actually prefer someone like justin Bieber.but I have to make use of what I have now..And I am seriously happy now,i found a beautiful home&family who are classy and well to do,a family that is too simple and too down to earth comes in the way of true glamour and happiness..So where was I? yes..I am happy now..And young&living life,carefree ..And my career no longer has the biggest obstacle….hmm where was I ,yes…It’s my life and I am happy and my life is none of your business…

    OMG,I forgot I was talking about Ian Somerhalder wasn’t I.. Oh yes,he is busy with the world,his foundation,his tv show and other stuff..And who is going to be his next girlfriend? Me of course,i am 25,but age is just a number if you are Ian Somerhalder..who i forgot to mention is the reason why I enjoy being in this world..

  • Nicole

    Who cares? This isn’t even the real story, I bet. They’re both grown men/women they can make their own decisions. I highly doubt Ian wants her back, and I also doubt Nina wants him back. This isn’t TVD, this is REAL life, it just isn’t that easy in real life. The media always screws things up.

  • Guest

    Ian does not want to get back together with Nina. They broke up 8 months ago. Ian is a happy man without Nina.

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  • ihatepeople

    No. No. No. Did I mention no? It’s been 8 months. I just don’t get why people can’t move on. It’s not your life. You have zero control over it no matter how many of these bs rumors you publish. Ian is not some whipped man that he just can’t live without Nina. People she’s no more special than any other woman. If you seriously believe that Ian is somewhere sitting in a corner pining for Nina and plotting a way to get her back then you really don’t think very much of him and you’re certainly not listening to what he’s saying. He has never looked happier. Just be happy he’s happy. Nina is happy with her bff’s and the Hough family. She said they’re the family she wished she had. If you really care anything about these two then let this go already.

  • ihatepeople

    I agree. This image of him as a man with zero self esteem is beyond annoying.

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  • Aliya Skye

    Get back together!!! They are a really awesome couple and Ian is so adorable and sexy Nina won’t be able to say no, I love u Ian somerhalder I hope u get her back!!

  • Guest

    Derek Hough is immature. Nina is actually very mature, and what sources say otherwise.

  • Guest

    He wants Nina in his life, as they are very close. They work together. Exes can be close, and they were together for 4 years. I’m not saying he wants her back at all, but a lot of people support Nian and would be happy to see them be together. Nian fans are not lunatics. I’m rooting for them to get back together, but it’s not necessarily going to happen. But they do want to be in each others lives

  • Guest

    He’s not gay, and I don’t get how you would even assume so. I get people thinking that Ian Somerhalder is over Nina, and I think he probably is. But Nian was together for almost 4 years. You can’t seriously think that that wasn’t love. Just because he seems like the perfect guy, you think he might be gay. I can assure you that about 1% of people will probably agree with you. Maybe up to 5%.