Jacida Carter, Lil Wayne’s Mother, Speaks Out On His “Death, Sizzurp Overdose, Critical Condition, and TMZ”

Jacida Carter, Lil Wayne's Mother, Speaks Out On His "Death, Sizzurp Overdose, Critical Condition, and TMZ"

Lil Wayne’s mother, Jacida Carter, speaks out on rumors of her son’s death, Sizzurp overdose, critical condition and TMZ’s reporting of the situation!  Well we suspect that she would if somebody would just interview the rapper’s mom.  As it stands you’ll just have to rely upon me to report what the presumably distraught mother of the world’s best and most controversial LIVING rapper would say.

Here goes: on the many rumors that flashed onto the net last night stating that Lil Wayne was dead, dying, on life support and getting read his last rites Ms Carter would say: “F*ck all you greedy whore lying media scum, taking my poor baby’s lil’ drug problem and blowing it up like that!”  Lil Wayne’s pals seem to be in Ms. Carter’s corner on this one – yes Lil Wayne is seriously ill and receiving treatment but he was never in danger of dying or read any last rapper rites according to his posse.

As far as Lil Wayne’s alleged Sizzurp/codeine/drug addiction and its consequences, both potential and realized (Lil Wayne had already been in Cedar-Sinai earlier this week on a seizure riddled drug overdose), the proud Jacida would say “a hard working man like my Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., has to unwind sometimes and while some of you may prefer a martini or a relaxing stroll in the park, my Lil Wayne likes to smoke a bag of weed and chase that with some double cups of strong Sizzurp – really helps him take the edge off – and it’s not like Sizzurp and weed are bad for you, I mean Justin Bieber’s only been hospitalized once or twice for that, right?

And what would Lil Wayne’s mother have to say about TMZ – it seems that some people (like millions on Twitter!) are claiming that the entertainment reporting icon exaggerated the severity of Lil Wayne’s condition and even stated that he’d been read his last rites before deleting that entry from their blog.  TMZ still states as of this publishing (9:00 am est) that “Wayne’s mother is currently on a plane flying to Los Angeles — and we’re told all major decisions about Wayne’s health (including the decision to discontinue life support) will not be made until she arrives.”


It seems Ms. Carter is a big fan of TMZ (she says she relies upon TMZ as her main source for breaking entertainment news) and understands that they try their best to be accurate.  She also understands that on a quiet Friday evening a huge story about the world’s biggest rapper in critical condition and possibly dying is GOOD BUSINESS!!  In other words Lil Wayne’s mom says: “I have no plans to go after Harvey Levin personally for this scary story – in fact I hope he drops by the hospital to see me and my boy – we love the man!  After all Lil Wayne is releasing a new album shortly ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ and this ‘dying hoax’ is the best publicity we could hope for… and it was FREE! – thanks TMZ, thanks Harvey!!”

So there you have it – Lil Wayne’s mom has spoken!

15 responses to “Jacida Carter, Lil Wayne’s Mother, Speaks Out On His “Death, Sizzurp Overdose, Critical Condition, and TMZ””

  1. jody overland says:

    lil wayne is not dead

  2. gail yarbough says:

    Leave my weezy alone. He needs help. He needs good ppl around him. I love ma cida. Weezy we love you sir. Get better

  3. no tolerance for ignorance says:

    Sounds like poor WAYNE has an ignorant mom. if what is stated here is true. im a health care professional and you can not compare a kharmless martini and a walk in the parkto sizzurp and codiene is she just plan stupid or what!!!! she should encourage him to slow down and seak help before he becomes a statistic..

    • Kay Cee says:

      The mother didn’t compare anything. Read again and you’ll read Ms Carter would say or in other words. The mother said nothing in the article the author is giving their opinion of the limited information they have.

  4. no tolerance for ignorance says:

    We luv YOU wayne and are not ready to say RIP. wayne has to be depressed to take promethazine and codiene on a regular basis. WAYNE STOP GLORIYING UR HABBIT TO INFLUENCE OUR YOUNG TO FOLLOW UR FOOT STEPS TOWARD TOTAL DISTRUCTION…….

  5. Which miscer is this? says:

    OP is a phaggot – V

  6. Kay Cee says:

    The first paragraph made it clear his mom didn’t say any of it. It’s a parody of what they want her to say.

  7. Julia says:

    God, CDL is going the way of MTO, with misleading headines and bullshit stories for views. You want to lose viewers, CDL? This “article” right here is a primo example of how to do it. As the writting has progressively gotten shittier and the articles more and more misleading, I’ve reduced my viewing of this website, and most of our group don’t even view or reference your site anymore. I think it’s time for me to do the same – your site has become a waste of time with no REAL information. Shame on you.

  8. Muzzy Lu says:

    Doesn’t look good for Lil Wayne. Too much Sizzurp! Stupid people trying to get high! If they want to just feel a little better or be in less pain they should try Medical Marijuana edibles, much safer! You don’t have to use that much cannabis to get relief. This book has great information on how to make marijuana oil and great small candies!
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  9. shari says:

    Wow. Lil Wayne’s mom needs to get her son in rehab before he ends up dead!

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