Janet Jackson Cuts Off Michael Jackson’s Freeloading Brothers – Report

Janet Jackson Cuts Off Michael Jackson’s Freeloading Brothers - Report

Between Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt and Michael Jackson’s family’s wrongful death suit it seems like this week has been filled with news about the troubled and twisted Hollywood family. It’s amazing to me how a family that hasn’t performed in so long still feels entitled to everything and anything. Apparently Janet Jackson would agree with me on this point!

According to the June 17th print edition of National Enquirer, Janet is beyond tired of her five freeloading brothers! The Enquirer says the faded superstar has made over a billion dollars off of tours and successful records over the years and the line of her brothers looking for a hand out seems to have been long and winding! Janet has supposedly been very generous, helping with foreclosures, late child support payments, you name it. She basically picked up taking care of her brothers exactly where Michael left off until recently deciding to put her foot down.

Janet realized that the guys are ungrateful and no matter what she does it’ll never be enough and that in essence she has enabled their lazy behavior. This caused Janet to reconsider and she has stopped supporting everyone. The fear is that if her mother, Katherine Jackson scores any kind of payout from the wrongful death suit that then the Jackson brothers will be nipping at her heels for money. You can count on that one! While Janet isn’t wishing any problems on her mother, she wouldn’t mind if they turned to someone else for help for a while. Four years is a long time to have bailed out her five foolish siblings!

Is Janet right to pull the plug on financial assistance to her mooch brothers or should she help her family no matter what? After all, without Michael’s brilliant genius Janet’s career would have been non-existent.  Who would have noticed her? Let’s face the facts – the only Jackson with the talent to be a superstar was Michael – and the entire family – from mother and father – down to sisters and brothers – made their way on his back and continue to do so. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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20 responses to “Janet Jackson Cuts Off Michael Jackson’s Freeloading Brothers – Report”

  1. timothy3 says:

    She should be tired of herself but more than anything else she should be ashamed. After kidnapping her mother and trying to kidnap Michael Jackson’s children with the only aim to grub their legacy, she has the nerve to speak out. Maybe she now feels strong since got married a billionaire, so should take advantage from it before he gets tired of her as it is not her money – again. However this does not make her less money-grubber of her siblings which she already widely showed to be.

    • David Adler says:

      What are you talking about? I love MJ but Janet legitimately made her money, is highly regarded by her peers, and by the mid nineties was a bigger star in the US than Michael. She’s under no obligation to support the family. Nor does she want any stake in MJ estate. And the kidnapping thing is tabloid B/S. please don’t embarrass the MJ fan base by reading tabloids And being uninformed about Janet’s legacy.

      • timothy3 says:

        She NEVER was bigger than Michael Jackson even if you and her would have liked it, and the whole world knows. I am talking about what she did last summer which is widely documented with the surveillance video, also she signed the letter against the Estate. You are embarrassing the fan base but it’s a your problem. I did my research and I don’t read tabloids. You might be a her fan, but again your business.

        • Ron D. McHoney says:

          Janet was actually more successful than Mike in the 90s. The only person more successful than janet was Mariah in the 90s. You are also getting your facts from tmz

        • David Adler says:

          I suggest you take a look at the Billboard charts. Michaels last number 1 was in 1995. Janet had 3 number ones from 97-01. Again, I’m talking about in the US. Study up

      • Tabinformed says:

        Without Michael, Janet would have had no career. Does she have some talent? Yes, but not nearly enough and is a pale imitation of her brother. The Jackson brothers made plenty of money but squandered it and have expected Michael to pick up the tab for his whole life. Now they want what is rightfully the children’s any way they can get it. Rebbie and LaToya are not innocent in all of this either.

    • ab6 says:

      You are absolutely wrong she had nothing to do with the kidnapping it was her other brothers and sisters JANET HAS OWN DAMN money get your facts right

      • timothy3 says:

        As I said it is WIDELY documented by the surveillance video and by her SIGNATURE on the letter against the Estate, money or not money. So you are WRONG and need to get your fact straight.

        • Ron D. McHoney says:

          Tmz are the same people that stated lil Wayne was being read his last rights and dying a while back. The only video clip they have is of janet trying to get paris phone

      • timothy3 says:

        As I said it is WIDELY documented by the surveillance video and by her SIGNATURE on the letter against the Estate, money or not money. So you are WRONG and need to get your fact straight.

      • timothy3 says:

        As I said it is WIDELY documented by the surveillance video and by her SIGNATURE on the letter against the Estate, money or not money. So you are WRONG and need to get your fact straight.

    • ultravioletrae says:

      yeah. right. “kidnapping” your own mom. ok.

  2. Reza eda says:

    I think what we need is to pray for Michaels kids…end of discussion this are our royal family… she is 15 and struggling… honestly where is ms ross

  3. Victoria McGuire says:

    Janet did emerge with her brother Michael’s help to be a star in her own right. She also, with his guidance, learned how to manage her career and finances to become so very rich. She’s right to cut them off. She should help to protect his children’s finances and rights, from the rest of them, except from Tito, who is working hard to protect them. their mother is old and easily influenced, all her rights, financiall should be removed.

  4. saraemna3 says:

    Didn’t the brothers become millionaires themselves when they were the Jackson Five. Of course, high living for years and no work, I guess you would eventually run out of money.Now, Janet has married a billionaire and they will be at her constantly for money. Glad I don’t have any for family to fight over.

  5. allie says:

    This should have been done a long time ago

  6. ab6 says:

    I still think its wrong to say janet used michael to build her career on her first to cd’s that mj wrote songs on they did not do well when she left out on het own thats when her career really began so what does that tell u people need give credit where credit is due theyare both superstars and i love them both dearly and yes one was a lot more successful than the other put both influenced and changed music forever

  7. Angel 2009 says:

    We’re talking about grown men who’ve made their millions and blew it all away with their wreckless stupidity – why should the rest of the family continue to enable that entitled behavior?
    Go get a J-O-B and some self-respect!

  8. ultravioletrae says:

    Apparently you didn’t hear about the Unity Tour. It was quite a success…the guys looked and sounded fabulous. They worked their butts off to put on a spectacular show. This article is despicable. Sheer fabrication + racial stereotyping = disgusting.