Jay-Z Cheating on Beyonce With Claudia Scheelen, Former Miss Belgium

Jay-Z Cheating on Beyonce With Claudia Scheelen, Former Miss Belgium

One of Hollywood’s power couples – Beyonce and Jay-Z who have been married for 5 years and have a daughter Blue Ivy – have hit rough patch due to his wandering *cough* eye. Rumors of Jay-Z having a side chick are nothing new, but he has managed to keep his alleged indiscretions under wraps and unconfirmed … that is until now.

The Mirror reported that last month while Jay-Z was in Belgium after his concert at Sportpaleis he paid a visit to a nightclub called Magic in Antwerp. That night he ended up spending a reported $7500 on drinks while partying with former Miss Belgium Claudia Scheelen who told the Mirror,

I was with my girlfriends and he sent over a drink to us – he had this huge bottle of Ace of Spades champagne, it must have been six or ten litres. He told me ‘I’ve been all over the entire world, but the girls in Antwerp are the prettiest girls.’”

Jay-Z Cheating on Beyonce With Claudia Scheelen, Former Miss Belgium

Claudia also went on to say that Jay-Z, “didn’t mention Beyoncé or Blue once.” Claudia did not say that they were intimate, but there are reports that he has been contacting her non-stop since they met. Reps for both Jay-Z and Beyoncé were contacted but declined to comment; leaving us with neither a confirmation nor a denial.

Something tells me that the Queen B is not going to like this … especially since an insider close to the couple recently told Star magazine that Beyoncé is fed up with his hard partying ways and it is causing major – maybe even irreparable problems – in their marriage. That same source said that Beyoncé feels like Jay is being selfish going out every night while away on tour and, “has been feeling like a single mother lately; and has been letting her husband know he’s on shaky ground, and she’s using the time they spend apart as a trial separation.

Perhaps Jay-Z is going to use the Ross excuse (from Friends) and justify his recent shady behavior by saying, “But B we were on a break,” but I doubt that will go over well. No married woman who already feels like her husband hasn’t been around enough for her and their child is going to be pleased to find out he was dropping thousands on champagne for another woman that he was gushing over.

Whatever happened that night – whether it was drinks and flirty or something more – Jay not only has some serious making up to do with B, but is going to have to curb his constant nightclubbing if he doesn’t want their “trial separation” to turn into a full-blown divorce.

Jay-Z Cheating on Beyonce With Claudia Scheelen, Former Miss Belgium

14 responses to “Jay-Z Cheating on Beyonce With Claudia Scheelen, Former Miss Belgium”

  1. Sarah says:

    Honestly, I think Beyoncè deserves better. But it is her life so I shouldn’t judge. “Jay Z should go die in a well” No. I will live my life and they can live theirs. No hate.

  2. drdebo cherry says:

    In this case- I would say any women who cheated with J-Z- would be making a statement about her character, respect for women and the family, and the institution of marriage- its just grose.

    • julie.zelko says:

      Aloha @drdebocherry:disqus I am not trying to start an argument but I found it interesting that you said that in this case (and I agree) if this chick is cheating with Jay it, “would be making a statement about her character, respect for women and the family, and the institution of marriage- its just grose,” and yet are a fierce supporter of LeAnn who cheated on her husband with a married man with two kids and has gone on to gloat about it as well as harass the other woman involved. Just wondering why the same reasoning didn’t apply in that case?

  3. LadyJustice says:

    Wow! Kim Kardashian has now become a source for the internet rag’s I see. I knew her relationship with Kanye would garnish her some hefty info on Jay-Z and Bey! I wouldn’t put anything past this trashy family. Selling them out to Star! Oh wow..

  4. jo says:

    That poor baby looks just like her dad…

  5. Liliana Rawks says:

    Is there a woman married to a black celebrity that doesn’t feel like a single mother? MAN UP you creeps.

  6. Liliana Rawks says:

    Seriously? In whose universe?

  7. Bay Islands Chick says:

    F***ing asshole…. Beyoncé it too much woman for him, and this bitch Claudia , who the f**k she think she is that Jay has to mention his wife and kid to her, she was just a fuck for the night anyways !

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  9. Whydid Youblockme says:

    OMG if this story is true & Jay-Z cheats on Beyonce he is THE DUMBEST MAN ALIVE. Why would any man married to Beyonce wanna cheat on her? And cheat with a broad that looks like the one above??

  10. Camille says:

    Blues eyebrows r exactly the same as Beyonces exactly the same colour, shape size lol wonder if they pluck or wax them as Beyonce would av to do hers perhaps she wants Blue to look the same

  11. yohohoho says:

    isn’t it jay’s responsibility too?? really easy pushing it all on her, he’s the one with a wife and a kid.

  12. kymj says:

    A man is going to be a man rather he is rich or not she couldn’t control him if she wanted yes I agree she is to much woman for him.and that goes to beauty it doesn’t matter you still will get hurt….ugh mean these days or any other day is the same

  13. Katrina says:

    What the hell is wrong with both of their hair B looks ratchet as hell and she know she supposed to comb her baby’s damn hair I see why he cheating she only look cute in public