Jay-Z Still Crying About The Time Robert De Niro Yelled At Him In Front Of Friends

Jay-Z Still Crying About The Time Robert De Niro Yelled At Him In Front Of Friends 0712

I don’t know why I love this story so much. It just makes me laugh every time. I think it’s because it shows that Jay-Z isn’t as bad ass and in control as he wants everyone to believe. He’s not in charge of everything. He’s not the biggest dude in the room at all times. Even Jay-Z gets slapped back down from time to time. The fact that the slapping came from Robert De Niro and Jay-Z’s still bitching about it only makes it that much better.

I’m sure you remember the story. At Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party last year, De Niro got shitty with Jay in front of everyone over the fact that Jay wasn’t returning his phone calls. De Niro basically said Jay wasn’t a man and was acting like  a little bitch. Word got out and it was the talk of the party.

And, by his latest interview while filming a music video at the Pace Gallery, Jay-Z still isn’t over it. When asked about the altercation and if they’d made up Jay replied: “Who? No, no I haven’t. I treat people based on who they are… who they really are. Not the name, not Robert De Niro. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has to be respectful and everyone has to be a human being.”

First of all, did he just “Who?” a Robert De Niro question? That’s chicken shit right there. But what is he trying to say? De Niro doesn’t deserve respect? De Niro’s a crotchity asshole who should be ignored? De Niro doesn’t act like a human being? Obviously I don’t know the specifics of that night but since when is calling someone out for shitty behavior a less than human act? You didn’t return his calls. You didn’t record a song for the Tribeca Film Festival like he suggested and he embarrassed you in front of a bunch of people for it. That sounds human enough for me. And, at his age, you take it. That’s how the world works. It has nothing to do with who he is – OK maybe a little bit. But when an older person shames you for your behavior you take it. Case closed. You don’t bitch back. And you certainly don’t make snide comments six months later. Didn’t his mother teach him anything??

What do you think about the Jay-Z/Robert De Niro feud? Should Jay have made these comments or just let the whole matter drop? What do you think he meant?

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  • He’s a big baby.

  • Ali

    I was shocked to hear that they had issues with each other. They both seem like pretty cool guys. Hmmm

  • thebutcher

    I can’t stand these stupid rappers who think they’re above everyone. Robert de niro is REAL TALENT. Rap isn’t even music. I can teach anyone to program a 4 beat measure and hit repeat. You don’t blow off a LEGEND

    • Ross Sherri

      Rap is music you ass just because you can’t understand it try and listen before judging all music is great.

      • thebutcher

        I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been a musician for 26 years, probably longer than you’ve been alive. None of them could play an an instrument if their lives depended on it. Just because you can rhyme, progam a 4 beat measure into a drum machine and hit repeat, that DOES NOT give you a right to call yourself a musician. I do understand rap, they are more like poets. That I will give them credit for. I’m also an all around musician. I’ve played everything from death metal to jazz. I never really meant to start an argument, that’s not who I am. I was more comparing jay z to robert de niro


  • Angel 2009

    Moron should’ve kept his camel lips shut. Now he just looks like a damned fool for dissing a great talent and philanthropist like De Niro.

  • lilgrandma

    Wow what a big baby!what he should do is tell his wife to cover up so she won’t get slap in the ass again!Guess he thinks he is god too like his a$$hole friend!

  • Evelyn B

    what he should do is make it up to the man and apologize for not getting back to him, they are both talented guys, but as expected they both seem to have huge egos as well..

  • Ross Sherri

    lmao It’s great to see someone put Mr. High and Mighty on his butt
    love you Robert your an awesome actor

  • da truth

    The [expletive]?! Most blogs take Jay-Z side, I finally found one that didn’t n it n its comments r just as bias.
    Look. J an ass for blowing him off, but that shit happens every [expletive] day. Rob took it some kind of way n now jay took that some type of way. No right or wrong in this situation.

  • HankStromboli

    You may have a chemical imbalance.

    This has nothing to do with race, so just pipe down junior. Unless you’re the race baiting a**hole that circuits the Internet looking to spread your stupid hate.

    Most of us are capable of living a life, interacting with every race and not finding a issue. We are all colorblind. The sooner racists like yourself die off, the world will be a wonderful place. (The hate you give little ones f*cks everyone.)

  • vlad the impaler

    prominent black men huh?the guy is a murdering illuninatti nigga.he looks like he’s sucking on an orange wedge,he’s so ugly when he was born,they slapped his mama instead of his behind fish eyed fool.