Jenelle Evans Miscarriage Confirmed By Gary Head – Teen Mom 2 Loses Baby

Jenelle Evans Miscarriage Confirmed By Gary Head - Teen Mom 2 Loses Baby

Jenelle Evan’s has miscarried! Jenelle has had quite a headline grabbing week, don’t you think? None of it has been good either!  First came the news of a miscarriage, the immediate plan to divorce husband, Courtland Rogers and abuse allegations. Then we moved onto the theory that a lesbian hook up ended her marriage and that Jenelle’s miscarriage story was a complete lie.  Both Courtland and ex, Gary Head didn’t say much to help her cause for most of the week. No for some unknown reason, Gary has decided to take to his Twitter to back Jenelle just a little bit. He claims that the miscarriage was not a lie and that he himself saw the blood all over her pants! He posted on Twitter,

“I don’t know anything about a fake pregnancy but [Julia] and myself have seen the blood.”

There seriously is such a thing as too much information and I think Gary has crossed over into that area! Did she have a miscarriage? Well, is it really any of our business? All of these details of Jenelle’s life are not things that someone thinking clearly would even want the whole wide world to know! It makes me think that there is truth to the rumors that Jenelle is still knee deep in drug use because clearly, this chick and everyone aligned with her has absolutely how to live their lives in a way that garners any respect!

Did you need Gary to tell you he saw the blood, as proof that she miscarried? Is it just another example of these Teen Mom kids thinking that once MTV put their lives’ momentarily on display, they need to continue telling all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Jenelle Evans Miscarriage Confirmed By Gary Head – Teen Mom 2 Loses Baby”

  1. Lavlaw says:

    I initially doubted that the pregnancy was genuine, but law enforcement would have to confirm that she was pregnant in order to bring charges against Courtland related to the fetus. Therefore, I have two theories.

    (1) She wasn’t pregnant and the sonogram was of one of her cysts. Additionally, when she went to press charges, they didn’t do a pregnancy test then but intended to at a later time (I doubt this would’ve been the case). Having a “miscarriage” now would cover the original lie and the lie to law enforcement. However, if she truly is suffering significant blood loss today, it supports my 2nd theory.

    (2) She was, in fact, pregnant but chose to have a medical abortion. She could’ve obtained the medication when she was “in the hospital” earlier in the week and then taken it at home. Medical abortions are followed by (sometimes extremely heavy) bleeding and other symptoms similar to those she is experiencing (cramping, nausea, etc). Additionally, you have to go in for follow up appointments after a medical abortion, which could be what she was at the hospital for today.

    If she truly is experiencing a miscarriage, that’s sad for her (but probably fortunate for the fetus). It’s the fact that she live-tweeted it and now is posting things like, “@joejoebeall21:@realshyt6 @gary_head @PBandJenelley_1 ps3”once we get out of the hospital” on Twitter that make the whole thing seem like a total lie.

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