Jenna Jameson Still Works In The Adult Entertainment Industry But Lies About It (VIDEO)

Jenna Jameson Still Works In The Adult Entertainment Industry But Lies About It (VIDEO)

Iconic award winning adult movie actress, Jenna Jameson who built an empire worth millions has recently been doing several recent press appearances for her new book release. Jenna has been recently seen in interviews slurring her words,  possibly intoxicated – avoiding questions and lying about several things she has been asked.

This all started when Jenna released tweets about her ex, Tito Ortiz. Who she had been married to since 2010, and having twin boys, Journey and Jesse. Her recent accusations against Tito, has caused her to lose her children and have a mental breakdown. She has lost her home and her children and everything in between. Jenna seems to be broke with her book sales not being very high and all the negative press surrounding her.

In one of her most recent interviews with a radio show host, Jenna was asked if she still had any ties with the adult industry at all. He asked if she had attended any recent events or had any friends in the industry she still had contact with. In direct quote she replied, “No. It was just time for me to leave.”

I found evidence that Jenna had in fact attended an exotica event and even did an interview with a free cam site. Which is an interactive live adult webcam site where girls get paid via “tokens” not making them much money. This site gets extremely high traffic but is based in free chat and is degrading to the models on the site. Jenna has been a model on this site for months now, trying to keep it low key. She went from being a legendary star in the adult industry to working on a low level web cam site – sad and pathetic.

Throughout all of her interviews she has stumbled over what seems to be the same words. She talks about everything “getting better” and “changing.” Wanting her children back and wants to bring her book to a possible documentary. Yet Jenna continues doing horrible press appearances, lying, and denying still being a part of the adult industry. Unfortunately, Jenna is falling to a new all time low for a woman of her former stature – her accomplishments and empire that she built and has been completely downgraded.

  • allie

    She’s the biggest mess ever. Clearly back on drugs.