Jennifer Aniston NOT Pregnant – Drinks a Bottle of Wine with Justin Theroux (PHOTOS)

Jen Aniston NOT Pregnant - Drinks a Bottle of Wine with Justin Theroux (PHOTOS)

Jen Aniston Splits a Bottle of Wine with Justin Theroux – Not So Pregnant After All?

All of the entertainment sites went crazy recently after Jennifer Aniston showed up on the red carpet for the premiere of her new flick We’re the Millers, looking like she had the start of a baby bump. There was no disguising the fact that something was up, as the notoriously thin Aniston was certainly not her normal self. Adding to the pregnancy speculation has been her appearance in general over the last month. Jen has done a total press junket for her movie looking super bloated with minimal muscle tone and even her face has appeared fuller.

These obvious changes have fueled speculation that the actress has undergone IVF treatments to speed up the process of hopefully finally conceiving a child. Jen may very well be undergoing hormone treatments that would cause the bloating we’re seeing but if she’s pregnant then she threw everyone a curve ball because according to the Aug. 19th print edition of STAR Magazine she split a bottle of wine while out to dinner with Justin Theroux.

On Aug. 3rd the twosome were spotted in NYC at Locanda Verde having a few glasses of wine each and that’s definitely not a wise move for a woman in early pregnancy! My guess is that she’s not really pregnant just yet but the IVF treatments are ongoing and putting her body through the ringer. Have you seen the photos? Do you think Jen would be foolish enough to kick off a pregnancy with a bottle of booze? I think she would be like most women and be super careful in those first few weeks don’t you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet