Jennifer Aniston: “Cupping” Marks Or Kinky Sex Wounds From Justin Theroux? (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston: "Cupping" Marks Or Kinky Sex Wounds From Justin Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston has spent years trying out every possible procedure that will put her face and body in the best physical condition that it can be in. A testament to this is Aniston being spotted out at the premiere of a film with ‘cupping’ marks on her back. An no, ‘cupping’ is not code for some kinky sex thing.

At first, people weren’t sure what to think of the marks, with rumors spreading about a possible injury or mishap. However, these marks are commonly identified with ‘cupping’, which involves a procedure where cups are attached to the skin via heat or suction, and then used to stimulate circulation. Of course, the end goal of this procedure is that the skin gets rejuvenated, and everyone looks younger in the end.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham are other celebrities that use this technique, and while it’s not technically ‘plastic surgery’, it’s still a procedure that’s done to help celebrities maintain their youth.

Aniston’s career, needless to say, needs all the help she can get for it. However, I don’t think ‘cupping’ is going to help at all, considering that the real problem with her future in Hollywood is that she hasn’t proved to anyone that she can open a movie, and she hasn’t proved that she has the chops to headline character-driven films. In fact, she does best when she’s put in an ensemble piece, e.g. Horrible Bosses.

So while she will continue getting skin treatments and face treatments and whatever other treatment make you look younger and your skin look better, it’s not going to do anything but make her feel better about herself. Which is all she needs, I suppose. It’s not like the rest of us have millions of dollars to fall back on.

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