Jennifer Aniston Eats Placenta Chips and Pills To Look Younger (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston Eats Placenta Chips and Pills To Look Younger

Jennifer Aniston, better than anyone, knows that Hollywood is not a kind place for actresses getting older. She’s been the subject of intense scrutiny over her body, her face, her ‘baby bump’, and everything regarding her appearance. So when there are reports about how she’s resorted to eating placenta chips to keep herself younger, you can’t blame us for believing it.

Grazia reports that Jennifer is eating placenta chips and taking placenta pills to keep her ‘skin youthful‘, with a source adding, “Jennifer’s dermatologist told her that a lot of his clients were taking placenta pills because it’s the ‘tissue of youth.’ She gave it a go and found that her skin was more radiant, she had more energy and felt happier.”

Jennifer’s rep has already denied the claims, and added in a bit of snark by saying that they’re not sure that ‘placenta chips’ even exist. But alas, exist they do. They’re not a common method of ingesting placenta, which has only recently gained popularity in the beauty and dermatology industry. Ten years ago, if you suggested eating or using placenta as a way to stay youthful, people would have laughed you out of the country. Actually, forget ten years ago, it might have happened even five years ago.

But now, celebrities have started trying new and different methods to prevent aging, especially with the bad rap that botox gets around Hollywood. Done well, it’s never a problem, but with actresses, botox should always be the last resort because their entire career lies in their ability to emote – which botox prevents. Why do you think Nicole Kidman‘s career is in such dire straits? Too much botox.

So people like Jennifer Aniston are always trying new and improved methods of keeping themselves young, and I have to say, she’s doing a pretty great job of it so far. What do you guys think? Is eating placenta chips still too icky? Or do you think it’s a smart decision? Let us know in the comments.

  • tahoegeminii

    so much for Aveeno being her “skin secret” she probably baths in virgins blood and eats babies on the solstice at this point to try and stay young-but in any close up you can see she looks her age -crows feet large pours-covered always by gallons of spray tan and bronzer but still shows-she forgot to do something about those sagging armpits -and eating placenta is cannibalism