Jennifer Aniston Experiences Freak-Out-Diva Frenzy After Stumbling Into Ex John Mayer at Fave Restaurant?

Jennifer Aniston Experiences Freak-Out-Diva Frenzy After Stumbling Into Ex John Mayer at Fave Restaurant?

Is Jennifer Aniston causing drama in Hollywood again? According to some, her and John Mayer are in an epic battle over their favorite restaurant, The Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston had a run-in with John Mayer and Katy Perry and the experience left her completely mortified, throwing her into a complete and total freak-out-diva frenzy. The story comes to us from Star Magazine. While they might have run into each other, I find it hard to believe Jennifer Aniston would go into such crazy mode after simply running into a man she’s long forgotten.

The source for the print tabloid reveals, “Jen freaked out when she ran into John and Katy [Perry] one night” and, after Mayer caught wind of Aniston’s presence, overhauled on the public displays of affection with his date Katy. Wow, John, trying to make Jennifer Aniston feel jealous? I don’t think she’s missing what you got to offer, but I’m sure she says thanks anyway for your douchebaggy gestures.

The magazine claims that Jennifer Aniston pulled aside the restaurant host and told him that if they John and Katy ever come here again to phone her personally so she knows not to come it — or the best way to avoid them. While I know sometimes *most times* celebrities act like they’re in high school, this situation seems like a bit of a stretch, but I wouldn’t put it past John Mayer to try and make his girlfriends of the past jealous.

Allegedly, Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been in LA for the last three weeks. So, if that’s true, then there’d be no way Jennifer Aniston ran into John Mayer in West Hollywood recently. But, who knows. Let us know below whether or not you believe this ridiculosity!

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  • Is he wearing a loincloth?

    • Nick S.

      LOL knowing J-May he’d definitely try to flaunt a loin cloth. (however, I think it’s a scarf :)

  • tahoegeminii

    why is this John trying to get “poor Jen”?? if he and Katy as new lovers are cozy on a date why is it a direct insult to the almighty Anustain?? isn’t she supposedly still all bee-yotch frenzy over Brad-Brad can’t even do an interview without her sticking her nose in and sending her legions of flying monkey PR guys in to smear every tabloid headline with another poor Jen pity party and making his every word “about her” I think everyone else BUT Anustain have definitely moved on and she is the wicked witch of the west using any straw she can-someday the whitewash of Jen’s fake image is going to get the bucket of water thrown on it-besides it’s obvious from their body language that the honeymoon is over for JustJen and her constant “warnings” to others about who not to date is just jealousy on her part-she can’t have any other woman having a successful relationship with one of the men she sent screaming for the hills because then people would start to realize that maybe it was never the guys that were the problem

    • Nick S.

      So I take it you are definitely not Team Jen and are, instead, for Team J-May? You think Jennifer Aniston is still head over heels for Brad Pitt secretly? . . . . I don’t think that gossip will ever fade away from the Celeb World.

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