Jennifer Aniston Wedding Prenup Alert! Doesn’t Trust Justin Theroux With Her Fortune (Photos)

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Prenup Alert! Doesn’t Trust Justin Theroux With Her Fortune (Photos)

When it comes to men, Jennifer Aniston has little luck. She may have dated some of Hollywood’s hottest names, but she can’t seem to keep a guy. She’s been engaged to Justin Theroux since last April, and since then we’ve all been buzzing about baby plans and wedding dresses. No surprise, her camp isn’t spilling any details. The couple have been reportedly fighting often, but she won’t let philosophical differences come between her and beating Brad Pitt to the altar! The declining actress is all-but ready to wed, and has one last detail:  her prenup!

Jen’s fortune is estimated to be roughly $150 million, while Justin has a pitiful $10.5 million in the bank. She may be blonde, but she’s not dumb—Jen is having her attorney work on a prenup that will protect her assets should they split. Now, she’s “putting the final touches on a prenup,” reports National Enquirer, print edition March 4, 2013. For those of us outside of Hollywood, prenups may seem cold and unromantic, but many agree that it’s best for both parties (and any children) if it’s all sorted in advance so that all parties are protected.

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Prenup Alert! Doesn’t Trust Justin Theroux With Her Fortune (Photos)

The possibly-pregnant bride is “leaving nothing to chance due to her poor track record with men,” and won’t walk down the aisle until the legal work is done. Jen seems vain, and I rarely praise her, but I’m actually quite proud of her logical actions. It’s such a rarity to hear news of her behaving like a normal human. Of course, with all the serious fights they’ve been through, it’s surprising to hear that there will be any wedding! No plans have been announced, but most people agree that they’ll tie the knot somewhere tropical. Do you think Jen and Justin need a prenup, or will their love burn eternally?

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

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  • Smart on her part, she’s just protecting herself and I really hope this marriage works for her

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  • Chyne

    Umm…she didnt get engaged in April. Journalism at its finest.

  • Seriously

    Jesus. Everything about this article is disgusting. When a man dates numerous women he’s a “Happy-go-lucky bachelor”, but when a woman does it she “can’t keep a man”. What century does this writer live in? I guess when you refer to $10.5 million as pitiful and quotes the National Enquirer as fact you’ve pretty much lost it anyway whether you live in the 21st century or back in the dark ages.

  • LMAO they look so freaking old. why do they look like wax figure?

  • You do realize there is NO truth to any of this article? Just more BS crap. I hope you feel good making things up…bad karma.