Jennifer Garner Warns Off Ben Affleck’s Gone Girl Female Co-Stars – Stay Away From My Husband!

Jennifer Garner Warns Off Ben Affleck's Gone Girl Female Co-Stars - Stay Away From My Husband!

Gossip has gotten to the point that no one attached to Ben Affleck is safe from cheating rumors and there is no reason to assume that will that change even as his career continues to take off. Way back when, to be associated with Ben would have been an embarrassment and now it’s a way for rising or fading starlets to become relevant. It happened to Kristen Stewart in those in between moments when her former twilight co-star no longer wanted her. And recently it happened to Gal Gadot aka the women we’d all hate to see as Wonder Woman. Apparently Affleck’s “interest” offers up  a chance to make something of themselves while the rest of us closely watch Jennifer Garner to see if she would cry in public. Yeah not very noble, but this has become the merry-go-round by now.

Who we should feel bad for are the people stuck on the ride like Ben’s co-stars in his upcoming movie Gone Girl. Thanks to Gossip Cop we know this film is a big deal with possibly some Oscars in the future. The movie is being produced by Reese Witherspoon and features a star-studded cast including Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Patrick Fugit and “Blurred Lines” video vixen Emily Ratajkowski. The video vixen and her fellow actors – Rosamund PikeMissi Pyle, Kim Dickens, Casey Wilson, and Kathleen Rose Perkins will all at one point or another be romantically linked with the very married Ben. How they got their role will be called into question and very soon we’ll be hearing reports about the wife constantly on set harassing all the women.

Soon no women would want to play a lead opposite Ben for these very reasons I mentioned above. Why go through the trouble just to forever be labelled a home-wrecker. No award is worth that! Unfortunately it was really good book this time and a lot of people have begun to look forward to the film adaption.  There is even some plot twist everyone is trying keep mum about, but no one looks past Ben Affleck anymore. Not when we’re waiting for his love life to implode and prove us right. The whole “marriage is work” statement really was a warning sign.

Jennifer Garner Warns Off Ben Affleck's Gone Girl Female Co-Stars - Stay Away From My Husband!

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