Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

Vomiting is the worst whether it’s today’s lunch or those words you didn’t intend to say. And sometimes when you feel it coming, there’s nothing you can do to stop it from hitting a crowd of unexpected listeners.

Such was the case at the Oscars when Ben Affleck accepted his award for Best Picture for Argo.

While everyone in the audience left shocked by what came out of his mouth, it was wife, Jennifer Garner who was hit hardest.

Take a look at these photos to get a better idea of how it all went down:

Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

Even from the beginning of his acceptance speech, you can see Ben is red in the face and sweaty. Sure signs some kind of vomit is coming on.

Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

Here you see Jen graciously accepting her thanks as third in line on Ben’s list. It goes Canada, friends in Iran AND THEN Jen.

“I don’t usually associate my wife with Iran.” Maybe this isn’t as much of a joke as Ben is trying to play it off as. He does describe his friends in Iran as, “Living in terrible circumstances.”

Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe he relates to them on some subconscious,  domestic level..

Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

Okay, even with a rocky start, you can tell Jen still has high hopes. If those eyes don’t say,  “I’m so proud of you.” I don’t know what does. This is the face of a woman who’s about to get appreciated by an Oscar winner.

Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

And here we see her face reacting to the statement that their marriage is work.


Let’s switch to a shot of Ben realizing he hadn’t said what every proud wife is waiting to hear: He’s easily two shades redder. I think someone knows he’ll be sleeping on the couch for a while.

Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

And finally, with big, open arms, he closes the thank you portion for Jen with, “It’s the best kind of work and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.” Because how else do you recover from a comment like that?

 Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)

There may have been some issues in Ben and Jen’s marriage that left the Oscar winner feeling uneasy that night but Ben has denied that his speech meant there was anything wrong with their marriage.

It seems like the only thing to do after a bad word vomit like that is to clean up as much as you can and wait for that awful smell to fade. The sooner it does, the sooner everyone can forget it ever happened.

Image Credit: Huffington Post

7 responses to “Jennifer Garner Disgusted With Ben Affleck (PHOTOS)”

  1. BuckyBoyd says:

    Who cares!!!! Let it go already. You are so pathetic to keep going on and on about his speech a WHOLE MONTH LATER!!!! 90% of people loved his speech, you may not have but omg let it go, move on! You are crazy.

  2. Why are you writing this a whole month after the Oscars? You already wrote a ridiculous article last month, did you really find it necessary to write another one? We get it, you didn’t like his speech and you don’t like him/them whatever. I personally loved his speech and i know many others did as well. I would rather have someone stand up there and speak the thruth than be a phony.

  3. JenAsh12 says:

    What a stupid article. You act like Ben personally did something to you with how angry you are it. And btw, I don’t think Jen had any problems with his speech either.

  4. The only person who thinks she was “disgusted” is you!!! Unless she said she was, you can’t write an article with the title “Jennifer Garner disgusted with Ben Affleck” unless you no for a fact she was. You’re just speculating because for some weird reason his speech angered you as if he personally did something to you. PS the pictures where you insist she looks “disgusted”, i disagree and she didn’t look “disgusted” when i watched on tv either. Why are you insisting on dragging this out? You so badly want them to fail as a couple and you clearly have a severe, unhealthy dislike for a couple that has done nothing to you or anything in general to receive such unnecessary hate. And i can’t understand why you so badly want their marriage to fail, they have three beautiful children together, wanting a marriage to fail when children are involved is so wrong. You are the one who should be “disgusted” with yourself for continually picking on a family/couple, a couple that minds their own business, raises their children to be normal in Hollywood which is not easy, stays out of the tabloids, doesn’t have issues with the law, drugs, etc so get over it already. Your hatred for this couple is so juvenile. Anyone who feels the need to write TWO articles on the same thing, the second being a month after the fact when everyone has moved on, clearly has issues.

  5. Susie says:

    Please do yourself a favor and get rid of the “smell” of your ridiculously absurd article by deleting it. You will save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you do, otherwise it is YOU that will set yourself up for ridicule, not Ben Affleck who gave the most affecting and heartfelt speech of any last month. Maybe it is your “opinion” it wasn’t (although most everyone agrees with me, not you) but why do you insist on going on and on? Olivia, what in the world do you have stuck up your butt?

  6. megan says:

    once again a moronic article on this site. you’d think i’d learn my lesson and not click on the links to these articles. i loved ben’s speech and i’m pretty sure anyone with a successful marriage will agree that it’s something you have to work on to keep healthy and thriving

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