Jodi Arias Sex-Fueled Secret Diary Reveals Evil Fantasies (VIDEO)

Jodi Arias Sex-Fueled Secret Diary Reveals Evil Fantasies (VIDEO)

Let the foolery continue in the Arias Trial.  As Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported earlier, a compromise was given by Judge Sherry Stephens to dismiss Juror # 5 for “misconduct” but the judge denied the mistrial.

The trial resumed with the remaining 16 jurors – 12 to deliberate and four remaining alternates hearing more testimony in the case. On Tuesday Psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette returned to the witness stand and discussed her observation of the relationship between Arias and Travis Alexander after interviewing the defendant.  She described the sultry emails between the two that were analyzed and included friends of Alexander who described him as a womanizer. She has testified previously about why some battered women don’t leave their partners, due to fear and shame. Arias have testified that Alexander was physically and emotionally abusive.

The defense is pulling out all the stops including placing on the witness stand Dr. Richard Samuels, a psychologist hired by the defense. He claims that even though Arias admits she shot and repeatedly stabbed Alexander, she can’t fully remember the crime. She has called that fateful day an “anomaly.”

Arias appears to be a very manipulative person throughout this entire trial.  She is with Alexander, former lover, despite the mounds of proof he is just not that into her with multiple texts and sexual photos with numerous women. What woman continues to monitor an alleged habitual cheating boyfriend?  “LaViolette explained that even though Arias knew that Alexander wasn’t good for her physically or emotionally, she still stayed within him for intermittent “rewards” such as kind words or consensual sex.”

I suspect that Arias was a delusional woman who just did not want to let go of a relationship that clearly was a figment of her imagination. Any man will continue to have consensual sex with a woman that allows him to without commitment.  Arias stayed with Alexander because she refused to see the truth that this relationship was a phony and that he had moved on to other women.  The testimony of LaViolette claimed that “Travis” isolated his life and was once messaging up to 11 women which supports that he was not exclusively seeing Arias and she was just another stalker monitoring his phone, emails, and dare I say, life.

We have all been cheated on some time or another in life whether it is physically or emotionally but cheating on man or woman does not condone murder. If you monitor anyone’s daily habits which include emails, phone calls, etc. it might not make you a murderer but it definitely will make you CRAZY. Share your thought as the saga continues.

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