Travis Alexander’s Friend Wants To Kill Jodi Arias While She Doodles Happily During Murder Trial

Jodi Arias To Be Killed By

On the 4th of June, 2008, Travis Alexander was found brutally murdered at his home in Mesa, Arizona. The devout Mormon’s wounds consisted of a slit throat, 29 stabs wounds, and a shot to the head – his death was declared a homicide. In a Maricopa County Courtroom, four years after Alexander’s gruesome death, Jodi Arias – Alexander’s former girlfriend – appears calm, collected, and completely oblivious to her potential fate. Arias, accused of murdering Alexander in cold blood, pled not guilty and testified that she killed him in self-defense. Alexander’s friends, however, refuse to believe Arias’ tall tales.

“It’s a done deal – let’s lock her up, kill her and move on! I am just sad they are dragging Travis’ family through all of this. It has gone far beyond what anyone anticipated it being. She killed him! Whether it was premeditated or not – if she went over there with the intention to kill him or did it in the moment, she still killed him.” says Alexander’s former work colleague Jesse Macpherson.

Prosecutors have presented damning evidence against Arias in her death penalty trial, but this didn’t deter Arias from doodling and making markings while the court is in session. Her apathy throughout the four-month trial not only disgusted Alexander’s friends and family, but it also painted her as an ice-queen with no remorse.

Jodi Arias To Be Killed By

“It is tough when you stop to think about what happened but Travis has been gone for a long time. The experience and the grief of his being gone has stopped along with the shock and surprise – now it is all a little surreal. The only thing left to do is to bring the person responsible for this obscene act to justice and put the family and everyone else at ease by ending this trial,” explains Macpherson. “I don’t think anyone is buying the whole self defense thing, I think everyone is just deciding if she gets the death penalty or is incarcerated for life.”

The trial continues.

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