Johnny Depp Engaged To Amber Heard – Report

Johnny Depp Engaged To Amber Heard - Report 0509

After a year of on again/off again clandestine love, Johnny Amber and Amber Heard were just caught holding hands at a concert so, naturally, they’re engaged!

In its latest issue OK! magazine claims the couple are about to make it official. Word on the street is that Johnny kept it on the down low this year because he wanted to be respectful to baby mama Vanessa Paradis and he didn’t want Amber to be known as the other woman/mistress for the tenure of their relationship. Kind of late for all that. I wonder if Amber going back and forth between him and her ex-lesbian lover was all a part of the plan to throw the media off the trail. Is Johnny capable of being that sneaky and covert? Talk about least trusted stars….

So how do we feel about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard announcement? Well, if it was true I’d be blurg. Amber Heard doesn’t do anything for me. Neither did Vanessa Paradis but she at least had something about her. I got his attraction to her super cool/super Parisian vibe there. I don’t so much with Amber. No offense to her. I’m sure she’s a lovely C-list actress but you just expect more from Johnny, right? He’s no George Clooney. He doesn’t slum for sex. Johnny likes talented, creative, in-demand and smart (Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis). I’m not saying Amber isn’t those things but I’m not saying she is either. Perhaps it’s the aloofness. Amber hasn’t been hitting herself over the head for me to accept or get to know her either and that probably pisses me off more than I’m willing to admit.

So… is Johnny Depp engaged? Probably not. But what if he was? Are we down with Amber Heard?

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17 responses to “Johnny Depp Engaged To Amber Heard – Report”

  1. Ra_ke says:

    For the first time I’m with you about Amber..agree 100%!! I don’t like that woman at all,first she is lesbian and everybody knows that.And about Johnny’re right Johnny is NOT george clooney way!Johnny is better in every single way and he really needs good advices from real friends..please help him!!

  2. If this is true then i wish them all the happiness in the world i’ve been Johnny’s fan since 1987 and if Amber is the new woman in his life then good luck both of you, Johnny i share the same birthday to Amber april 22 so its kind of nice but i am born 1974,

    • At the same time i think Johnny is going through some midlife crisis, and Amber might be using him and all that bisexual talk about her, its just BC she doesnt categories her sexuality. Amber is prob a nice girl and all but is using Johnny to gain her fame , Johnny please come to your sences and go back to where you belong with Vanessa and your kids.

  3. patty c says:

    No fool like an old fool. Vanessa made a lucky escape from Depp’s midlife crisis it seems. Going down Johnny? Careerwise? lol

    • RealPolly says:

      thank U for sayn that:) I totally agree, &. He kinda startn remind me of a sort of Woody Allen ie, the pervy old artsy type…

  4. Vinh Nguyen says:

    Midlife Crisis Indeed! Amber Heard? Really?

  5. Are you nuts? Amber is beautiful. And she said that she doesn’t label herself one wayor another. She said she loves who she loves and its the person that matter. She has been with men before. Nobody knows the story about what happened between him and Vanessa and it’s nobody’s business anyway. I just remember when the premieres for The Rum Diary came out (when he supposedly hooked up with Amber) reports were that he was miserable and drinking a lot. He only ANNOUNCED the official separation in June 2012 but the reports are that they had already been separated for some time. After the announcement reports also came out that Vanessa had already moved onto a rich French guy ten years younger than her, by the way. Johnny found a beaufiful young woman in the business with similar interests who may be willing to give him more kids and she e found a georgeous rich older man to love her and take care of her, her career and maybe kids some day. Soiunds like a win-win situation to me.

  6. Bell says:

    I hear everywhere this thing: “caught holding hands at a concert”….and man…people, can’t you realize all that “caught” by paparazzi was a fake thing? They made that look as a capture of paparazzi but wasn’t like that. Actually Amber want this relation be finally known and Johnny made this up. But of course it should look like a paparazzi picture. Can you see that picture with them holding hands is done perfectly? Right angle, right place? How could some paparazzi take a picture like that in such crowd, and capture the right place (with this two holding the hands like that)? Come on…then this 2 in the car… If they were shocked buy the cameras, why just Johnny try to hide, and Amber is place just in the perfect place where from the front of the car you could see her very well her face (that in the case you could have any doubt that could be her). It’s so easy to see this little details.

  7. Lara Tipton says:

    This totally seems like a midlife crisis. I thought that way back when we heard about Johnny Depp falling over drunk, partying and reportedly sneaking out of an Olsen twins appartment wearing the same clothes as the day before. It’s not likely to end well but they could be engaged… after all he’s been engaged to almost everyone else he’s been with.

  8. You must be a woman b/c most guys think Amber is beautiful and she has been with men before. She said that she doesn’t label herself and that she loves who she loves -the person that matters. And please..people, let’s get over the mid life crisis thing. There were obviously problems in Johnny’s realtionship to make him want to be with someone else. France wanted him to become a citizen and he said no. That’s a red flag right there. In 2010 he worked most of the year filming POTC4 and right after he finished he went into premiering The Tourist while Vanessa was flying back and forth from France and the US.. In Nov. 2011 during the premiere of The Rum Diary reports were that he was miserable and drinking a lot. Past history shows Johnny behaved that way way after break-ups. He announded the split in June 2012 but reports are they had been separated for some time before that. After the announcement it was reported that Vanessa had already moved on to a French boyfriend.

  9. Katie Holms is single and after Tom..Im sure Johnny probably way nicer and more sane… would sort of be a nice match..they would have cute babies. She would have to watch her closet though I could see him wearing her cloths.

  10. Lisa Edwards says:

    So what exactly does this say to his kids? Sorry guys your mom wasn’t marriage material but this person is? Heaven forbid he should grow the hell up and straighten himself up and make all these promised changes to fight for the mother of his kids & marry her. Because truly for it to work with Heard, he’ll do exactly whatever the mother of his “beloved” children would want.

    I wonder how Denzel & others keep there marriages and families intact but the Depo/Sheen’s can’t. What’s next, Depp not being worthy of custody of his kids.

    Ugh, now I remember why I quit reading up on actors & barely watch TV or movies. I have no respect for them, well except Denzel, maybe Depp ought to have dinner with a real man & the mother of his babies.

  11. Pamela says:

    Yeah, he was a huge fool to leave Vanessa for her. Vanessa seems way cooler and more interesting..

  12. boho moth says:

    Unfortunately, the only ‘scoop’ OK mag gets is when it takes its writers out for ice cream. Borderline fan fiction.

  13. Dale Clark says:

    So, the title of your piece is that Johnny Depp is engaged, but then in your article you say he probably isn’t making your title misleading in an attempt to get readers. Obviously someone forgot their Journalism 101 basics… if you even took such a class to begin with.

    The gist of your piece is that OK! Magazine is going to announce that Johnny and Amber Heard are engaged. So you couldn’t find anything original to talk about and just parroted what another source hasn’t even officially announced yet. I’m sure mainstream media outlets are just beating down your door to hire you.

    And you say you are pissed because Amber Heard hasn’t gone out of her way to get people like you to like her. I’m sorry but perhaps I glossed over the paragraph where you explained how Johnny and Amber are obligated to explain themselves to you or anyone else.

    It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and ridicule a celebrity whose complete life we don’t know. You say things like “Johnny left Vanessa for Amber?!” And yet you never consider the possibility that Vanessa could be a complete bitch and Johnny was tired of it. Then again, maybe he’s a bastard behind closed doors. Hard to say without hearing all sides of a situation… well, hard to say for legitimate journalists who understand basic reporting.

    This is my first and last time reading an article on this site. I should have known better.

  14. HelloKaty28 says:

    Amber Heard!!!!..Really?!?!….He could have chosen Katy Perry -.-”

  15. Jade says:

    He needs to get back together with Wino :-) cute couple! Who is this Bi*%#h??