Justin Beiber Spits On His Fans In Toronto: Mother Pattie Mallette and Grandma Diana Dale Excuse The Brat!

Justin Beiber Spits On His Fans In Toronto: Mother Pattie Mallette and Grandma Diana Dale Defend The Brat!

Justin Bieber’s at it again! Engaging in obnoxious behavior and threatening to single-handedly destroy his Belieber nation and eventually lose millions of dollars in the process! Justin Bieber was photographed today launching a loogie from his hotel room in Toronto! We don’t know where it hit, but there were hordes of fans waiting below, perhaps hoping to be lucky enough to be touched by the Bieb’s spit?! How disgusting! I’m not sure if that is really a thrill anymore for his fans. I sure hope not!

The Bieb’s increasingly rude behavior has even prompted his dear grandmother Diane Dale, to come to his defense! In an interview given to Canadian TV (CTV) in Ottawa, Dale said Justin was engaging in “normal teen behavior…I feel sorry for him because he gets picked on by the paparazzi all the time.

I have to disagree with granny Bieber. While it is true that teenagers typically engage in some rude and obnoxious behavior, they are usually called on it (if they have good parents!) and by the time they reach their late teens–I’m talking to you Biebs—the behavior has diminished considerably, if not disappeared completely. One would think that someone in Biebs camp would tell him he’s on his way to becoming another pop teen star has been—see Britney Spears. Does he not know that the next little new “pre-teen hearthrob with a great falsetto” is waiting in the wings—one American Idol win, or you tube discovery away from the same star machine that has swallowed him whole?!

Someone needs to check the Biebs, but how do you do that when the kid is worth millions and is most likely funding your new extravagant lifestyle? Beiber’s grandmother’s defense is in stark contrast to his mother’s, Pattie Mallette. In response to questions about her son’s recent behavior on her book tour this week in Canada coinciding with Justin’s tour stops in Canada have been to ask reporters not to “ask about her son.

Questions about his bad behavior kind of makes you not want to buy her book, Nowhere But Up: The story of Justin Bieber’s Mom, if you really think about it.

It seems as though Pattie might be taking a hands off approach now that he’s over 18. She recently said in an interview on Tuesday in Ottawa, that she “hopes to just be a voice in his ear..once he turned 18, he wanted some space from his mom…I do what I can to stay close.” That sounds like an abdication of parental duties to me! As long as he’s keeping some money in her pockets, he can do whatever he wants. Last time I checked, being a parent, especially a mother, was a lifetime commitment! He’ll be back Pattie, when it all falls apart, and I suspect she knows that too.

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4 responses to “Justin Beiber Spits On His Fans In Toronto: Mother Pattie Mallette and Grandma Diana Dale Excuse The Brat!”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Spitting on the fans, that is the most disgusting and ultimate insult if this read is true. Moms & dads all over the world still need to shut down the money train for all things Bieber – your little princess will get over it.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I don’t want to admit how close in age I am with his mom.

  3. allie says:

    I think it’s time for someone to spit on the Bieber

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