Justin Bieber’s Bloody Brawl With One of His FEMALE Fans – Did She Dare Ask for An Autograph?

Justin Bieber's Bloody Brawl With One of His FEMALE Fans - Did She Dare Ask for An Autograph?

Why do so any celebrities feel the need to act up not in their own homes but at clubs. You would think if they were going to destroy it would have at least been their own. Welcome to the party of club trashers Justin Bieber. I hope you are expecting a very large clean up bill.

The actual fight may have started inside however it came to fists only out in the parking lot. Thank God! Now only the people involved in the fight can sue instead of bystanders who conveniently forget to leave the scene and/or duck. Never mind that though. The question on everyone’s mind is what started the fight? Surprise, Surprise it was a girl.

Our little modern Helen of Troy here was apparently a Bieber fan that ended up getting rebuffed by his entourage –  forbidden to even go near him. So she came back with a male friend who was willing to get mad and vengeful for her. Way to go, Justin! You managed to convert a fan of yours within minutes.

The girl and her friend followed Justin to his car and  that’s were reportedly the fight started. But here’s the thing about street brawls – they always get investigated. Who started what? Who hit whom? After police get their answers, the perps could either be fined or held in lockup for public disturbance, depending on the jurisdiction. I’m sorry to say but I don’t believe Justin should take any blame in this. His entourage possibly did treat his fan most likely like crap and yet she’s the one that couldn’t drop it and left the club to follow him.

This could be confusing to those in Florida but for the person to leave their safe haven to recklessly pursue someone else makes the pursuer at fault. No matter what happens afterwards. Fight the charges Justin. They’re going to try and pin it on you just watch.

  • Chris

    I’d love to see a video of this.

  • Serves Justin right for being in Florida when all of his peers told him to boycott the state in protest of Trayvon.