Justin Bieber Going To Rehab – Scooter Braun and Pattie Mallette Alarmed

Justin Bieber Going To Rehab – Scooter Braun and Pattie Mallette Alarmed

Once upon a time there was a little Canadian kid singing songs on YouTube. His adorable smile and prize-winning mane made him as famous as Cinderella, but as this boy matured into a young adult, a nasty, nasty man abducted him from his castle and gave him a sparkly microphone.

This fairytale has since turned into a horror film. It all went to hell when Justin Bieber cut his fringe and turned into a pseudo-Samson. This Madonna-like transformation turned Bieber into an unrecognizable little brat with a mortician’s smile and a deadly ego.

According to a new RadarOnline report, Bieber’s long-time manager, Scooter Braun, is so alarmed about his latest partying shenanigans that he is planning to send Bieber to rehab. “Justin is hanging out with the wrong people. It’s been one incident after another with him and Braun has always been very supportive and still is,” reveals an insider. “But now Scooter ants him to go to rehab to get his act together. Justin needs to get away from the bad influences in his life.

The 19-year-old megastar is destroying his public image at a rapid pace. Even Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette who used her son as a claim to fame, is worried that the youngster might be in danger of losing it all. A source told Radar, “They all think he is surrounding himself with people who do ridiculous things. Justin Bieber needs to go to rehab for ALL of his behavior. He needs to get control of his life again, quit smoking pot and partying. He is just surrounded by bad influences.”

Bieber is also literally losing control over his life and limbs. The superstar was on his way to an Adidas photo shoot when he tripped and fell down the stairs. Shortly thereafter, Bieber documented his injuries in a 14-second video clip with the caption, “Why I gotta fall and cut my neck before a photoshoot [sic].”

However, in Bieber’s first video upload he wasn’t this composed.

The Mirror reveals, “The Biebs has been making the most of the new Instagram video function and sparked rumours he might have been under the influence of drugs in his first upload. He stripped basically naked – apart from the snapback hat, obviously – and giggled his way through his introduction.

Let’s hope that this ridiculous fairytale doesn’t turn into an urban legend.

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  1. Ali says:

    Ewww- he’s gross.

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