Justin Bieber: Dark Past Alleged In Tabloid Report – Father Comes Forth


We’ve said it before—Justin Bieber is spiraling out of control as he attempts to rebrand himself as bad boy rebel! He can get as many tattoos and smoke as much weed as he likes—we aren’t buying it! He’s just a poser! Or so we thought! But it turns out the Biebs has a much darker past than any of us could have guessed—and it’s not just about his cheating habits! Justin is setting himself up for an epic fall from fame, and his mom is gearing up to send him to rehab!

Pattie [Mallette]’s worst fear is that Justin will end up just like his father,” an insider reported to National Enquirer, print edition January 28, 2013. “I’m sure she will locate the best addiction specialists in the field and demand that a plan be put into place immediately. Pattie’s terrified if she doesn’t step in now, Justin will become another Hollywood tragedy.” You may be thinking that recreational marijuana use hardly constitutes a drug problem—and I agree with you! But the father of a 17-year-old fan in Memphis, Tennessee, has come forward to confess his daughter’s shocking drug and sex relationship with Justin!

According to the unnamed dad, his daughter “has had a three year ‘friendship’ with the singer since she was 14 . . . the two smoke pot on a regular basis when Justin is in town,” Enquirer reported. The girl also used ecstasy while they were together, “to make herself feel sexy.” If this is true, that means this girl predates recent ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, who was with Justin for two years. Apparently, the fan was well aware of Justin’s public romance, but he “would just shrug his shoulders and dismiss it, claiming he never loved Selena and that they weren’t in an exclusive relationship.” Yikes! As if the drug use isn’t enough, I’m pretty sure Justin is walking on thin ice, having sex with a minor and all!

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