Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Back Together, Post First Pic Of Rekindled Love! (Photo)

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Back Together, Post First Pic Of Rekindled Love! (Photo) 0421

God damnit Selena Gomez! What the shit? You were doing so well without him. You were giving hilarious interviews about being single; and looking amazingly adult and hot; and having a great time with your friends; and solidifying all of our beliefs that Justin Bieber is an immature tool. I was beginning to really like you! But now… I just… can’t. Because if you’re rekindling your love affair with a tool then what does that make you? And no, age isn’t an excuse!

Ugh. There have been whispers that Selena flew to Norway to jump start her relationship with Justin but now we might just have the proof. Hollywood Life reports Justin posted a new pic of himself cuddling with Selena (see below). Apparently he got a little shy though and deleted it soon after but, as always with social media, not soon enough. Let’s play the cynic first. Are there any people out there well versed in Justin’s photos? Could this be an old photo HL is using to create a stir? I’d believe that before I’d believe Selena would give up everything she’s created for herself in the last couple months. Her independence has been great for her career.  But maybe her people don’t agree with that. She has an album coming out. Maybe this is a move to generate more buzz and more sales. It wouldn’t hurt. The only person it would hurt is Justin because you know that trainwreck still isn’t over this situation.

So is Selena using Justin or does she truly want to get back with him? That seems cold as hell but this is how it works. I’m so confused! On the one hand I don’t want to believe Selena would get back with him but, on the other, I find it hard to believe she’d use him and break his little volatile heart again for publicity. Help me out! What are the main motivations for the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Norway rendezvous? Could the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez instagram pic be fake or old?

Photo Credit: Instagram/KM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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