Kanye West & Anna Wintour Forbid Kim Kardashian From Attending NYC Fashion Week?

Kanye West & Anna Wintour Forbid Kim Kardashian From Attending NYC Fashion Week?

One would have thought that NYC Fashion Week would’ve drawn Kim Kardashian out of her house, but it seems like Kim chose to stay home with North West and send her leading man, Kanye West, to one of the biggest fashion events in the world all by his lonesome self.

True, Kim has a new baby, but that doesn’t mean she can’t go out and be social every once in a while. She could have at least attended some of the afternoon fashion shows. Be honest, she is one of those people who tries haute coutour but never quite pulls it off as well as she imagined. Perhaps if she attended the shows she could have met a designer eager to create something in her size for once . . . . So why wasn’t she in attendance?

Probably because she has to run every aspect of her schedule by her baby’s daddy, Kanye West, otherwise known as her captor. If it wasn’t for him then all of this privacy nonsense would have ended long ago and she’d be out taking the world by storm. It’s not like she’s “big” anymore. That can no longer be anyone’s excuse. If you remember, we did see the recent picture where she went blonde. In that photo she looked good and I bet the hair, which she admitted was Kanye’s suggestion, was supposed to help her pop on cameras during Fashion Week. Women don’t go changing their hair to only be seen by population of less than 10. She went blonde to gain some attention and Kanye should have allowed her to seek some out.

Instead she’s at home with the baby and he’s at Fashion Week. Why does this story sound familiar? Because that is the pattern now. Kanye probably got some advice from Anna Wintour. The advice most likely went like this [imagine in a English b*tchy tone]: “Kim should remain indoors. No one who’s anyone actually likes her. You must think of your brand, Kanye.” That’s how I feel anyway.

Why do you think Kanye and Kim are rarely seen participating at professional events together? We think it’s an attention thing — one can’t be outshining the other — but who knows.

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  • what a pile of shit? which intern wrote this fake story? lmao – we all know kim is a great mom who makes her own decisions. she’s strong and she’s been through so much – she’s a true Kardashian inspiration

  • Angel 2009

    Anna absolutely has Kanye’s ear and he should heed her advice – K Trash is on the downside of popularity which could seriously affect him further.

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  • Annemarie

    No surprise that they would ban her from the event she was a disaster last year!!!

  • Robyn

    Some people’s comments are so crass, so Kanye west like…. I guess posts like this attract them. I have no doubt Kanye does not want Kim there, he does not want her to steal his thunder…