Kanye West Disgusted by Kim Kardashian’s Continued Use of Botox while Pregnant!

Kanye West Disgusted by Kim Kardashian's Continued Use of Botox while Pregnant!

If you think that the way Kim Kardashian has chosen to handle her pregnancy hasn’t chased Kanye West away then you’d be dead wrong. Let’s be real here, he was ready to show off his pregnant girlfriend and probably anticipated morphing into a power couple of Jay-Z and Beyonce proportions until, well, Kim absolutely ruined it all. Rather than going with the pregnancy flow and kind of embracing the temporary changes she decided to pour herself into custom made get ups and talk like an ungrateful bitch.

Kanye fled the country and has pretty much abandoned his baby mama for the majority of the pregnancy because he doesn’t want to be affiliated with her and the attention seeking that her whole family represents. Kanye has been pretty vocal about how much he despises plastic surgery ever since complications from a procedure killed his mother back in 2007.

The June 10th print edition of In Touch seems to indicate the obvious, the fact that Kim is continuing to have procedures done is a huge problem with Kanye. He is furious with her for not taking real care of their child and at this point he can’t stand the sight of the woman that he once chased like crazy! It’s going to be very hard for Kim to get back into Kanye’s good graces. On the one hand she keeps criss crossing the world to be with him, but then on the other she proves that she’s way too selfish to protect their inutero kid from anything that might be unsafe.

Will Kanye ever be able to stomach Kim again? Do you think he regrets ever hooking up with her in the first place? Has she done irreparable damage to their relationship? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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