Kanye West, North West, Lamar Odom Axed from Kardashian Christmas Card — Kanye’s Pissed?

Kanye West, North West, Lamar Odom Axed from Kardashian Christmas Card -- Kanye's Pissed?

In recent Kardashian Kristmas card news, we’ve learned the names of the individuals who will not be involved in the project. It was sort of a given that Lamar Odom wouldn’t be involved in this year’s card, especially after all the controversy surrounding him and his drug problems, but there  were a few names — ones that didn’t make the cut — that surprised us.

Kanye West, North West, and Robert Kardashian will also not be featured in this year’s card, which has us wondering . . . . Is Kanye pissed and is he now planning on trying to one-up Kris’s prized yearly portrait? Actually, Kanye doesn’t seem to be too mad about not being able to make the card — and, according to TooFab, it’s not as if he wasn’t invited to the shoot. Apparently, he couldn’t make the shoot because he was on tour; thus, his schedule wouldn’t allow him to attend. Major  bummer, especially since he and Kim are newly engaged. I bet Kris was banking on that extra bit of fame this year.

But don’t you worry. Kim and Kanye and Nori will be releasing their own Christmas card this year and it will be a glorious holiday-time miracle. Who’s excited to see the Kardashians’ cards this year?

I’m really curious why Rob didn’t attend the photoshoot, which was led by David LaChapelle. He’s always sort of done what he wants anyway, but we’re surprised momager Kris Jenner allowed him to be absent from such a fabulous family tradition!

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  • Angel 2009

    All this fuss over a stupid Christmas card featuring the country’s biggest fame whores. Drama Queens.

    • WindyCat

      No one is fussing..this story is false. Kanye is on tour, he’s not going to stop that just for the Kardashian Xmas card. Think will you?

      • Colonel Duke LaCrosse

        you’re saying the story is false but then you just said exactly what the story said…i know your screen name is windycat, but it should be dipshit.

      • thebutcher

        Kangaye isn’t even man enough to finish a tour. Non stop bullshit excuses. I can’t wait for that niglet to realize that he IS NOT A MUSICIAN, and that he’s hated EVERYWHERE, except for the ghetto sluts

  • Bohomoth

    When isn’t Kanye angry?

    • Colonel Duke LaCrosse

      When he’s sleeping. Well, he probably dreams about murdering kittens or something, so he’s probably angry while he sleeps too.

  • WindyCat

    Why in the world would Kanye care about being in Kris Jenner’s XMas card? Think people. This story is false. Now that he has is own little family, he’ll obviously be making his own XMas card. Really, I don’t understand why everyone is so willing to believe ANY story about this family, Kanye and his gf. If anything everyone should wonder why Robert Kardashian Jr (Kim’s bro) isn’t even in the family XMas photo. Moderator go ahead and delete the honest truth. Why bash this family? Make a name for yourself reporting something productive.

    • Colonel Duke LaCrosse

      “Make a name for yourself reporting something productive.” or the Kardashians could make a name for them selves by doing something productive and not fucking on camera or pimping out your newly 18 year old daughters areolas.