Gloria Allred and Paparazzo Attacked by Kanye West Ready to Sue Big Time! Watch LIVE Conference Stream Here! (VIDEO)


Kanye West is about to be legally attacked by one of the biggest, and perhaps scariest, lawyers in the land of Hollywood . . . . Gloria Allred has teamed up with the paparazzo Kanye West attacked, and they’re coming for blood *erm* we mean lots and lots and lots of cash money dollahs. This particular victim was severely jostled by Kanye West outside of LAX last month. While the L.A. City Attorney’s office is hesitant to proceed with charges against Mr. West, there are few forces of nature that can stop Allred. She’s going forward full throttle.

Do you think Allred will have any success with this case? TMZ reports:Kanye West is in for it now — Gloria Allred is set to go off on the rapper any moment now about her newest client … the paparazzo West attacked outside LAX last month … and we’re streaming live. As we reported, Allred has announced she is filing a lawsuit against West over the attack, despite the L.A. City Attorney’s hesitation to prosecute.”

The LIVE conference is scheduled to begin at approximately 1PM PST and YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE (and probably get recaps here if you missed it). Let us know what you think after you hear Gloria’s statements.

Granted, what Kanye did was wrong, very wrong, but do you think he should be pursued legally for it — and in such a grandiose manner? Watch out, Kanye, things are about to get a bit rough for ya!

Image credit to Fameflynet

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