Kate Gosselin Brings Negative Publicity to Her Mommy Blogger Job – The Two Faces of Kate!

Kate Gosselin Brings Negative Publicity to Her Mommy Blogger Job - The Two Faces of Kate!

Kate Gosselin was recently hired over at The Stir as a weekly blogger on all things mommy related. It’s not the former reality television first foray into the blogging world. Last time around she was linked to Coupon Cabin and fired pretty quickly do to all of the negative publicity that constantly surrounds her.

So what exactly has changed a year later? Not much. Last year she was able to slam the brakes on a raunchy tell-all that painted her as an abusive, negligent mother and guess what- the book is about to be re-released with just a few edits here and there. It still paints a scary picture of the mother of eight and if the content is to be believed then she has no business giving any advice on how to parent an animal let alone a child!

In other words, a whirlwind of negative press is right around the corner and this time she’s publicly putting herself on a parenting pedestal rather than clipping coupons!  How long before The Stir also decides that having Kate on board is more of a liability than anything else? This time out instead of parading her kids in matchy outfits across television she’s still talking about them in order to earn money!  I’m not sure what goes on in Kate’s head but if she can’t find her way back to successful television show then she still sees her kids as the vehicle to mediocre success!

Will you be heading over to The Stir to read Kate’s latest nuggets of wisdom? Is she someone that you would ever look to for parenting advice? If you’re resorting to mommy blogs there are a million truly great ones written by moms that spend their days tending to their kids for real rather than plotting their next money making move that will ultimately fail in full public view!  Thoughts on Kate? Tell us in the comments below!

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6 responses to “Kate Gosselin Brings Negative Publicity to Her Mommy Blogger Job – The Two Faces of Kate!”

  1. jennim2 says:

    Well, Stir is now off my reading list(Too bad, I’ve used their site for about 2 1/2 years.). Any site willing to hire a abusive person like KG deserves to have their readers run screaming from them – something coupon cabin experienced, and now The Stir will as well. Did The Stir not do its due diligence when it hired her? Did they not learn of Coupon Cabins’ horrible experience with her, and how it damaged their business? Who in their right mind thought it would be a benefit to bring a nasty abusive person into the fold?

  2. Ingrid_in_Wis says:

    According to the guy who fired her, her firing was not “do” (due?) to negative publicity. It was her lack of authenticity. Not a right fit with the company.

    Do ya think it was her demands to be sent on pricey trips, put up in posh hotels at conventions and marathons etc. while she promoted herself more than CC?

  3. Mickey says:

    No, I will not be reading The Stir! I will not watch anything she is on. Lately I read she is focusing more on her children and I think the only reason is no one wants her for anything else! I’m sure it is very difficult raising 8 children but she wants most of the publicity on herself. She has shown she is a mean, nasty, rude person over and over and she has no one else to blame but herself.

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  6. Amanda Rae Lee says:

    What else is she supposed to do? Being a single mother of 1 is hard enough. What kind of job can she get that pays enough to pay the bills AND affords her to buy childcare for 8 while she is at work. I don’t think trying to be a reality star is exploiting her children…. It is trying to keep 8 kids healthy happy and alive! Jon needs to step up. No wonder she’s so rude.