• Reality

    Of course her back hurts, because Kate has it so much worse than the rest of us (insert sarcasm). Please remember she has to wrap gifts for 8 kids! Eight! Count them, 8! The poor, poor thing. The rest of us have no idea how rough she has it. I, after all, only have 3. Poor, poor Kate. I will think of her when I am wrapping gifts at midnight, because I work during the day, and then must wait until everyone is in bed.

  • lukebandit

    She doesn’t even use the normal Christmas festive wrapping paper! She uses what is left on rolls of NEWSPAPER BLANK PRINT PAPER! Either she has gone or she goes or sends not a nanny to the local newspaper to buy the end rolls. Has from the get go. Just writes their name on it. No bows, no ribbons, no nothing except PRISON ISSUE WHITE-GREY WRAPPING PAPER! Can you imagine as a child every year getting gifts like that? She is a mentally ill woman. If she would take her meds for her bi-polarism, it would be better for all involved. It has been confirmed by immediate family members and publically known that she is bi-polar. Is it going to take a psychotic break for anyone to do something about it? One of my favorite wrapping papers are the Sunday Comics. So pretty with red stick on bows, a red ribbon crossing around the gift. Also, even cuter for a birthday gift. And the best deal the wrapping comes free with the Sunday paper!

  • Tabloid Junkie

    What about the contest that she recently tweeted?! She wants everyone to email her a PICTURE and a story of you doing a random act of kindness this holiday season. I understand what she is trying to do, but I think asking for a picture is a little out there. Yes, I know she wanted to have proof that these people are in fact doing what they say that they are doing… BUT…. I know (from my RAOK that I do ALL year round, NOT just during the Holiday Season) that some people do not like to be photographed at all. Its like here is a blanket now let me get a picture so I can win a prize. The prize… HER COOKBOOK! I hope everyone has a great holiday season! I hope everyone gets the cookbook that they want!

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