Kate Gosselin Lies About Jon Gosselin Gun Shot Incident – Pretends She Didn’t Know!

Kate Gosselin Lies About Jon Gosselin Gun Shot Incident - Pretends She Didn't Know!

Days after Jon Gosselin fired a warning gun shot at a paparazzi, Kate Gosselin has responded to the controversy surrounding her ex-husband. While she goes out her way not to say anything overtly rude or anything that could be used in the wrong context, she doesn’t seem surprised that Jon is capable of such acts.

First, she gives a big fat lie. When TMZ caught up to her and asked her about the incident, she claims she’s not heard of it. Puh-lease! You know she’s sitting there googling all the articles and cackling to herself over Jon’s misfortune and idiocy. Obviously, she can’t say that so she instead pretended that she didn’t know what was happening. After the camera guy patiently explained everything to her, her response was, “Nothing surprises me anymore.”

She also refuses to directly answer another question about Jon carrying a gun around their eight children, but she seems to imply that she doesn’t like it. Obviously – I’m not sure why she had to tiptoe around that answer considering that it’s an answer that every parent would have understood.

In the end, this will only serve as more ammunition for Kate in her lawsuit against Jon. While it has nothing to do specifically with what she’s suing him for, she will be able to use this as leverage against him, and she might even ban visitation rights if she plays her cards right. I don’t know if she would go there, but if she’s willing to sue him for millions of dollars, I’m sure she’s willing to find a way to keep her children away from him.

What do you guys think about Kate’s comments? Do you agree that she was being evasive and not direct? Do you support Jon firing that warning shot or do you think it was an idiotic decision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.