Kate Gosselin Claims She’s a Normal Mom – As Long As the Cameras Catch Every Minute!!!

Kate Gosselin Claims She's a Normal Mom - As Long As the Cameras Catch Every Minute!!!
You know you’re dealing with a show mom when she claims everything she does, from the child exploitation to always being the one in front of the camera, is for her kids. Kate Gosselin is that mother. She had eight kids and once upon a time a husband who cared. Was she satisfied with that? No, sir! There’s only two things in this world that makes her happy – control and fame. As long as he gets to pretend to be the perfect mother who’s struggling then she thinks she can control how the media see her.  Good luck with that Kate.

Well, guess what. Many have already woken up to this manipulative woman’s claims. They know she should have retired her kids right out of the limelight long ago. Even back before her ex Jon Gosselin started to complain none of his kids were at the appropriate school level. They should have went back to normal during their parents’ divorce. That way they could have been saved from the constant articles and videos of each parent expressing their disgust for the other. Divorce is bitter enough on its own but when 8 kids had to watch their father express his happy escape from mommy then it’s time to call it a wrap. Instead they saw her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ fiasco and Jon’s partying with notorious lowlife and world’s worst parent Michael Lohan. Look how well that turned out for Jon. Michael fathered a baby with one of Jon’s exes and Jon is broke.

According to Gather.com, “The former reality TV star says that she is ‘just a regular mom’ trying to make her kids dreams come true.” Kate came out with that statement when she explained she’s been trying to score One Direction tickets for the kids. It seems she (and I quote) “don’t mind” having to be normal and buy the overpriced tickets like everyone else. If it truly didn’t matter then why complain on Twitter. Odds are this ploy of hers was supposed to drum up sympathy and hopefully get someone to offer her the tickets for free.