Kate Gosselin Role of a Lifetime: Tired of Kids, Fakes Being Happy Mom

Kate Gosselin Role of a Lifetime: Tired of Kids, Fakes Being Happy Mom

Since her show went off the air, Kate Gosselin has reformed herself. Instead of working out the the best way to financially gain from her kids, she’s focused on providing them with a stable, loving home and plenty of cool activities to keep them engaged. She trained for a marathon, cooks family dinners, and is learning the basics of home repair. Now, she has a job writing a parenting column on The Stir, and is taking life one day at a time. We called her an anti-Kris Jenner, a sort of Martha Stewart 2.0, but with feelings. But was she faking the whole time?

Kate has never denied that being a single mom of eight kids under the age of 13 is exhausting. Her tweets are often meant to be realistic and relatable, and she gets tons of support from parents. But is Kate just playing happy mom while she plans for her next big media ambush? The ex-reality star tweeted, “Another cold and dreary day in paradise! :) Pasting a smile on my face and putting my best foot forward~ Plan 2 get a lot done 2day!” It isn’t new sentiment: Kate is overworked, to be certain. But is happy with the low-key life, or ready to try something new?

Her tweet can be interpreted two ways. The optimist would say that by “pasting a smile” on her face, Kate is adhering to the philosophy that smiling—even fake smiling—triggers muscle memory and cheers your brain up. But I am no optimist. I propose that the fun has stopped, and she’s going through the motions, all the while sporting a fake smile and canned chipper attitude. It’s all very Stepford Wives, if you ask me. Just, you know, without a husband!

Kate’s sudden reformation was inspiring, to be certain, but at what point will it stop being a turn around and start being her true self? If Kate is unhappy and faking the motions, it asks the question why? Besides keeping her kids from noticing her real mood, and enjoying the fame of being a perfect mom, what does Kate gain from it? Could she be trying to reestablish herself as the go-to mom with all the answers? Is this a set up for her next big publicity stunt—a TV show, perhaps? Or is she just smiling to keep up a good attitude on a stormy day?

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  1. Mari says:

    I think you are an asshole. Get a life.

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