Kate Gosselin New Mother-of-the-Year Blogger: From Beast To Best

Kate Gosselin New Mother-of-the-Year Blogger: From Beast To Best

Although Kate Gosselin is referring to 2013 as “The Year of the Teenager”, if she has her way it’s going to be her year instead.  Yes she does have two kids turning 13, but more importantly, she is turning 38. At least that is a good chunk of what her very first blog post over at The Stir is all about.  I’m not sure why we need to care that her birthday is coming but she clearly is not one to embrace getting older and instead needing to keep reassuring herself that she’s not dead yet.

In all seriousness though, Kate appears to be trying to revamp her image a bit and it’s about time. After years of taking a stab at all sorts of reality type shows she then resorted to writing books that actually have been really successful. Now she’s doing a weekly column based on her family life and raising 8 kids. Perhaps she’s one of those people that is better heard, but not seen. Seriously, she comes across better in print and her multitudes of fans left over from the Jon and Kate Plus 8 years really seem to like what she has to say, so this is actually a logical step for Kate.

Here’s my question though, after seeing her parenting ripped apart on national television and by her ex, would you trust the advice that she has to offer? Sure we all make mistakes with our kids but when you’re in a tough parenting spot do you see yourself contemplating how Kate would handle the situation?  Should she offer advice or just stick to telling her readers about her life as a single mom to 8 kids? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. […] Before people freak out over Kate’s tweet and flip their switch to attack mode, maybe her kids really do enjoy shoveling snow, in which case they should be allowed to use their crazy hyperness for good and not evil. But Kate has gotten flack before for “using” her kids like a little army for her personal benefit. Should people react crazily to this tweet? I personally think it’s nothing to chastise her for, but I do think Kate should be careful in choosing her words in the future. She’s notorious for sometimes choosing the “wrong” ones and coming off sounding crazier than *I think* she truly is. […]

  2. Guest says:

    Ah what do you think? Maybe this horrible woman has 5 fans that are rooting for her. The majority of people have quite enjoyed, than you, not seeing relentless self promotion of Kate by Kate. But she always rears her inarticulate and untalented head, pitiful.

  3. Melore says:

    Once a beast, always a beast, lol.

  4. Joani H says:

    No, sadly, Kate has NOT been successful as a writer. Multiple Blessings was written by Beth Carson. As Beth herself said in an interview, Jon and Kate lived it but she (Beth) wrote it. Kate’s 2nd book was merely a picture/scrapbook with Bible verses. The 3rd book was a colossal flop. A cookbook was rejected outright, allegedly, too many recipes were plagiarized. Her Coupon Cabin blog was poorly written, and a joke, as witnessed by her very public firing. Kate is an inauthentic as ever.

  5. […] now-single mom is an inspiration to many, and has a large Twitter following. Since being off the air, Kate has refocused her time on […]

  6. […] So what exactly has changed a year later? Not much. Last year she was able to slam the brakes on a raunchy tell-all that painted her as an abusive, negligent mother and guess what- the book is about to be re-released with just a few edits here and there. It still paints a scary picture of the mother of eight and if the content is to be believed then she has no business giving any advice on how to parent an animal let alone a child! […]

  7. […] through a blog, Twitter, and a new weekly column on The Stir. But just because Kate has chosen a life of privacy doesn’t mean her kids want it too! Twelve-year-old twin Mady has been bitten by the acting bug, […]