Kate Gosselin Re-Tweets Comment Asking Prayers For Zimmerman’s Family

Kate Gosselin Re-Tweets Comment Asking Prayers For Zimmerman’s Family

Kate Gosselin offends people using her Twitter. So what else is new? Instead of tweeting about the George Zimmerman trial directly, perhaps guessing that she’d be torn apart by Twitter followers, she decided to re-tweet a comment instead.

The comment she re-tweeted was from @AG_Conservative and it stated, “On a non-legal note, say a prayer for both the Zimmerman and Martin families. Neither will ever be the same again and it’s a real tragedy.”

Um, only one of those families actually lost someone while the other walked away scot-free, with no consequences and no penalty for murder. Why should we be praying for George Zimmerman again?

It’s somewhat telling that Kate decided to re-tweet this comment specifically. There were hundreds if not thousands of quotes about the George Zimmerman trial last night.  A lot of them were in support of Trayvon Martin, who after all did get killed, so it’s interesting that she decided to re-tweet a comment supporting Zimmerman instead of denouncing the fact that he got away after killing someone. Not only that, but the account she re-tweeted from, @AG_Conservative, basically has several days worth of tweets on the Zimmerman trial, and every single one of them supports Zimmerman.

Look, we’re not trying to say someone was wrong or right. The jury made their decision and while I personally disagree with it, that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to others’ opinions. But even then, I just do not understand how people actually feel sympathy for Zimmerman right now. The guy just got away with murder. Literally. Even if it was murder in self defense, it was still murder. And Trayvon’s family, in addition to never seeing him again, will never have the peace of knowing that the man who took his life was found guilty of at least something….

What do you guys think? Do you think that George Zimmerman’s family deserves sympathy? And are you happy or angry that Zimmerman got a ‘not guilty’ verdict? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • This woman is just as bad as Kim Kardashian.

  • Ali

    I didn’t agree with the verdict either. It’s hard to feel sympathy for the family that still has their loved one. I think the entire situation is just sad altogether.

  • thebutcher

    Huge surprise, the american justice system fails AGAIN

  • debbiehm

    Would YOU want to kill someone even in self defense???It’s a life changing event for him, not to mention he is hated simply for defending himself..You feel sympathy for Trayvon, yet he threw the first punch and shares responsibility for his death…He could have walked away and SHOULD have walked away rather than pick a fight with Zimmerman….Reports have him a hotheaded guy always looking to fight someone and I guess that was his nature…Too bad that now he is dead and Zimmerman has to live with the fact that he had to shoot him to keep from dying..

  • debbiehm

    They arent’ about to put kate on ANY show…I heard they gave Jenny McCarthy the View..so now they are 100% liberal and I suspect this will be the last year of the show…BORING

  • lukebandit

    kate Gosselin is a racist. She forced her children to call their African-American bodyguard, Mr. Chocolate. She has no sympathy for Travyon Martin or his family. Her concern is only herself.

  • Huey Newton

    You are a complete idiot. Once again more slanderous accusations towards a true victim. Martin was killed because of Zimmerman’s bigotry and profiling of young black men. Plain and simple. I would gun down Zimmerman in a heartbeat if given the chance. Eye for an eye….