Kate Gosselin Sick: Kids Take Over!

Kate Gosselin Sick: Kids Take Over!

What happens when a single mom of eight gets sick? Well apparently if you live in Kate Gosselin’s sprawling Pennsylvania home, the kids take over. I mean literally. After Kate retreated to her bed with sickness recently her kids proved that they have done an awful lot of growing up since her last serious bout of sickness a few years ago.

In her mommy blog over at The Stir Kate talks about her kids not only cleaning up after dinner, but then checking up on her, one at a time. Being a typical mom, Kate at one point finally got up to make sure that the house was still standing.  “As I slowly walked through, I was shocked — and impressed — that the house was standing and no worse for the wear. In fact, it was cleaned up and the lights were even turned off .  This is so different from those first five years.”

In those first five years of motherhood, if Kate got sick I’m sure the whole house and the babies schedules completely went to hell. It is great to watch your kids grow and be able to handle life’s curve balls such as sickness.  Aside from being sick, Kate has had a good couple of weeks. Her appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap was a success. Instead of coming across like a snippy control freak, Kate carried herself like a smart single mom of many that knows better than to take things for granted. The press had vilified her for doing another reality show but the product itself was probably one of her best television ventures.

Kate is one of those people that has actively been trying to repair her public image. Is it working or should Kate give up already and just go raise her family in private? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kate Gosselin Sick: Kids Take Over!

Kate Gosselin accidentally shows her real face

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2 responses to “Kate Gosselin Sick: Kids Take Over!”

  1. teresa sigler says:

    Have you lost your freaking mind? Did you not see how kate bullied little hank? told him she was in control and she was not joking! That she was the boss! Forced him to use a fork, could of hurt himself, she was so cold and mean to him and mean to everyone in that house. She couldnt stand the lovely housekeeper Rosa, who I know Hank Kendra and lil hank adore. kate told lil hank, i am going to take care of you and lil hank said oh no you are not taking care of me! lil hank got a bad vibe from her and he knew it was evil and mean. late lil hank, stuck his finger all up in his nose and kate was stewing about it, just something simple like that. you save that stewing when your kid has been beaten in school and you want to go and beat the mess out of the parents! I can’t wait till the book by Robert Hoffman come out: Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled the World! Hurry Robert Hurry~

  2. Kate needs to realize an occasional successful show once every couple of years or so(and she can’t take total credit for Swap because Kendra has a much bigger fan base and is not hated as Kate is, so that is most likely WHY the show had decent ratings) doesn’t make her TV material…. I don’t know why it has been reported KATE is the reason for it’s success when there is NOTHING to indicate that…Anyway, I think she needs to realize her celebrity days are over and concentrate on being a MOM with the few years of child rearing she has left instead of chasing the wild dream of being some sort of TV personality…That has come and gone and she will never be anything but some sort of joke in that realm…She will never be a serious candidate for a talk show or movie or even another reality show UNLESS she does all the financial risk taking HERSELF…And from what’s been reported she has gone through all the money THE KIDS earned for her back in the days of the show…So, maybe if the cookbook she thinks is going to be published actually IS, and is as unsuccessful as her last few attempts at being an “author”, maybe that will let her know her “star” days are long gone and give her the dose of reality she needs to put all the silly “super star” dreams and big money dreams away and concentrate instead on being at least ADEQUATE as a mother to 8 children…In many peoples eyes she has failed MISERABLY at the very thing she should have taken the most seriously of all….raising her and Jons kids successfully…..