Kate Gosselin To Sue Jon Gosselin For Exposing Her As A Monster In Tell-All Book

Kate Gosselin To Sue Jon Gosselin For Exposing Her As A Monster In Tell-All Book

Remember last year when blurbs from that tell-all book about Kate Goselin hit the internet and everyone was contemplating whether or not she was an abusive mother? Then just as quickly as the allegations appeared, they were swept under the rug and it was like it all never happened. Kate managed to prevent the damaging book from actually making it into print and basically she bought herself a bit of time to try and revamp her career.

There are always people ready and willing to shred the mom of eight but after last weeks appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap, she looked a whole lot better. She came across as normal, single mama that has her head on straight. Her kids seemed to prove that many of the allegations were likely untrue because they came across as polite, responsible little people that were acting their normal selves and not putting on a show for cameras.

Robert Hoffman has supposedly watered down that tell-all just enough to try once again to get it into print and this time around Kate has come out swinging – at her ex, Jon Gosselin. She is blaming him, saying that he actually handed over the hard drive to Hoffman that contained all of Kate’s private journals. Kate wants to sue Jon and is shopping her case around to any law firm that will listen to her story.

What is at stake here? Well certainly not money because Jon isn’t exactly raking in the dough. Kate wants to systematically cut him from the kid’s lives. She’d love to see his visitation clipped and Kate also wouldn’t mind if she could find a way to see her ex sitting behind bars!

Do you believe that Jon is responsible for the material in Hoffman’s book? Should Kate be gunning for her ex? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • TN

    I don’t think Kate Gosselin came across normal. She drank a lot when she was at the bars with Kendra’s friends, like tequila shots, wine non-stop, what appears to be vodka or whiskey. It looked like she knows how to drink hard on a daily basis, because people who usually don’t drink, would not drink that much. They’d feel sick and not act the way she did.

  • TJB

    I believe it is a ploy to direct attention away from the book.