Kate Middelton and Prince William’s Spolied Extravagance Enrages Princess Ann and Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middelton and Prince William’s Spolied Extravagance Enrages Princess Ann and Queen Elizabeth

Princess Ann is in a royal fury over Kate Middleton and Prince William’s lavish lifestyle. Not only is Queen Elizabeth pissed off at the younger set’s expensive jet setting, but the bad mood has passed on to another truly “hardworking” royal – her daughter. Her own children, Peter and Zara Phillips, have proper careers they work hard at, do not live off the slaving taxpayer’s money, and don’t ponce around the world’s most expensive and exclusive vacation resorts. Not only is she pissed that her own children don’t get nearly the amount of attention for their real, actual hard work like the “Holy Trinity” of Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry who, with the exception of Harry, very arguably hardly even do anything close to “work” at all. But they’re praised to High Heaven if they deign to take time out of their busy schedules of sunbathing and skiing to make a glamorous appearance at a red carpet event for a few hours once every 2-3 months.

P. Ann has also had quiet conversations about this matter with Q. Neither is best pleased about how this is reflecting upon the House of Windsor. Not especially after all of the hard work they do, something those two are both noted for.

Just take a look at the scathing comments in the Daily Mail’s article on Kate, Will’s and Harry’s latest holiday in the Swiss Alps. And for all you royal sycpophants out there: Don’t even bother trying to use the excuse of a friend’s wedding for their appearance in Swizterland. This is an annual trip for them, they would’ve gone skiing at this time – right after their other annual trip to Mustique – anyway.

Jeez you three – or at least Lazy Katie and Willy Dolittle. Grandma’s not feeling well – the 86-year-old monarch she had to cancel an appearance for St. David’s day – while you’re flitting off on holiday after another. Grow up and act at least half your age and start taking on more responsibilites. Or, better yet – if all your whining about how “hard” it is to be a royal and how pissed you always are about the intrusive papparazzi is actually true, then why don’t you JUST QUIT.

Abdicate. Then the whole world wouldn’t be subjected to your wastrel ways while they slave away at thankless, lowpaying but honest jobs and fund your lavish lifestyle.

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10 responses to “Kate Middelton and Prince William’s Spolied Extravagance Enrages Princess Ann and Queen Elizabeth”

  1. Linda Cannon says:

    What did Charles and Camilla ever do, or even Diana? Diana at least had some humanitarian causes, but none were real 9 -5 jobs. Upper echelon royals are professional figureheads, ribbon cutters and baby admirers.’Twas ever thus…

  2. Linda Cannon says:

    The lavish travel expenses of the Obama posse would be much more worthy of a scathing expose. The royals expenses are paltry in comparison.

  3. rfm says:

    Shut up twat

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  6. Maybe they are using their own money , I’m sure Prince William isn’t working for the RAF for free , and Didn’t Princess Diana leave her boys some money , Really , get off of their backs

    • Linda Cannon says:

      I think Diana left Wm 17 million-not sure. it was quite a chunk of change, and if he chooses not to work ; he should be ok, especially once he inherits the family biz.

  7. chris says:

    Good lord you jealous old hag! Get a life! Will is in the military and Kate is a homemaker…do you have a problem with homemakers?! She also sponsers charities and has every aspect of her life inspected….take the stick out…it’s easier to breath that way.

  8. Britney Majefski says:

    You people don’t report news.. You report hate filled rants… Take a page from Perez Hilton and keep the bias harsh criticism under wraps some.. You writers for CDL seem hateful and pathetic.

  9. Prinxe william has a huge inheritance in his bank from his mother. Their trips are paid by him, not the court.. They do have court obligations but not 7 days a week. Puleeze ease up on these young people. They do alot that is not even reported.
    the Queen told them they did not have to rush back from the weekend weddinf of their friends as she was only going to the hospital for an intestinal infection to make sure she was properly hydrated.
    She was released Monday morning and that is when the three young royas were already scheduled to fly home.
    Garbage gossip again, already fueld by other jealous royals, especially the drunken Camilla.