Kate Middleton Baby Countdown – How The Duchess Is Preparing For Royal Baby!

Kate Middleton Baby Countdown - How The Duchess Is Preparing For Royal Baby! 0327

The Duchess of Cambridge is all smiles on this week’s People magazine cover. Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has finally caught its stride and she’s making up for all those months with her head in the toilet. This issues promises to be full of new photos and details of the Kate Middleton baby countdown including her cravings, favorite royal baby names and clothes.

Didn’t another magazine just do this? I could have sworn some other tab already filled us in on Kate. She’s craving sugar! She loves to shop! The baby’s name will be Elizabeth Diana Carole! Isn’t that what they said last week? I’m still not buying it. Princess Vicki all the way. Still, I wonder if People has any details on the baby shower. I’d love to know what that chick is getting!

Also on the cover is Christina Aguilera’s weight loss. She’s trimmed down again. We speculated yesterday it could be for a baby but she’s not. Why did she wait to lose weight after her time on The Voice though? Wouldn’t you think she would have used national television as a motivation? I’m interested to know what she has up her sleeve….

And we have Grumpy Cat! I just became aware of Grumpy Cat and I’m obsessed. I spent way too much time on YouTube looking up segments on that adorable animal. It’s hilarious and I hate cats. But People’s got me hooked now. You give me a new picture of Grumpy Cat and you’ve got me for 10 – 15 minutes for sure.

So what do you think of this week’s cover? It’s got Kate Middleton so it’s sure to do well. It promises new pics and I’m a sucker for those so I’ll most likely flip through. What do you think Kate Middleton’s preparing to name that baby? I keep thinking of girl names. I never bother with boy’s. They’re just not as fun!

Photo Credit: People magazine

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