Kate Middleton Baby Secrets Revealed – What’s Her Nickname For Her Baby Bump?

Kate Middleton Baby Secrets Revealed - What's Her Nickname For Her Baby Bump? 0313

She’s already spilled the beans on the gender so why shouldn’t Kate Middleton reveal more baby secrets? The Duchess of Cambridge is front and center on this week’s Us magazine cover where the tabloid swears to give us all the lowdown on that royal baby. Kate Middleton already has a girl name picked out! Diana or Victoria? My money’s on Victoria. She also is a huge fan of pregnancy yoga (when she’s not shopping of course) and is letting herself indulge in some sugary sweets. Well, if you can’t when your pregnant, when can you?

The magazine also goes on to tease about Kate Middleton’s baby bump nickname and the fact that Prince Harry has taken on the surrogate father role when Prince William isn’t around. That’s fitting since many seem to think that he’s the father anyway. Just kidding! No, not really.

In other cover news, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally called it quits because of jealousy issues. I know I should have seen this coming but I’m still pretty bummed. I really liked Miley so much more when Liam was around. Everyone knew the young couple couldn’t last but the fact that it went down this way is pretty sad. Hopefully she can rebound without being a big ‘ole mess for the cameras. We already have one Justin Bieber. We don’t need two.

Then Us magazine takes us inside Jenna Dewan Tatum’s baby shower. I actually love Jenna. I have no idea why. She’s a super cute pregnant lady too. She and Channing just seem like they have a pretty solid relationship and it keeps getting better along with his success. I just like that for some reason.

So, does Us magazine have a winner this week? I think so. Duchess Kate is on the cover so that never hurts. I’d like to know what she’s calling that make believe baby bump of hers even though I’m positive someone made it up. What about you?

Photo Credit: Us magazine

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