Kate Middleton Planning A C-Section – Too Posh To Push?

Kate Middleton Planning A C-Section - Too Posh To Push? 0524

I know a lot of you are probably thinking I’m going to bitch all over this idea but when it comes to women in the delivery room I try to stay neutral. I live by a strict policy of do what you got to do in there. No judging. Obviously this is hard for me because I love to judge in an unfair fashion but there are times and places and this is not one of them.

Over the past week there’s been this story floating around that the Duchess of Cambridge is planning a c-section. Kate Middleton’s delivery date is drawing near so she’s been having heart to hearts with her doctors and she’s basically letting them call the shots. She’s giving up her say in the matter and leaving the logistics up to them on whether she goes natural or not. That doesn’t sound  like our hypnobirthing Kate, does it? I thought she was all about having control in there from where she was actually delivering to whether Prince William can bring a camcorder in or not. I think I understand what’s going on and it has nothing to do with Kate giving up anything.

I’m about the same time along Kate is and I had a similar discussion with my doctor. I waxed her my story about natural this and natural that and non-intervention and she just smiled and nodded politely before saying, “Look, that’s all good but if something happens and I need to intervene then I will.” Case closed. I’m down with that. Birth plans are fine and dandy but everything gets thrown out the window if shit hits the fan. I’m not saying it will in Kate’s case but the doctors are there to do what they need to do to keep mom and baby happy and healthy. Kate might not want a c-section but if the doctors think she needs one then she’s going to get one. Now, there are many women who believe there’s never a reason for one but that’s a different story for a different day. I’m just trying to explain Kate’s laissez-faire approach here. If we know anything about Kate it’s that she’s a control freak. Did you really think she was going to loosen that pony tail as she brings the heir into the world? Bitch please. That’s when she’s going to hold on tightest and Carole Middleton will be right there to make sure it happens.


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3 responses to “Kate Middleton Planning A C-Section – Too Posh To Push?”

  1. Danity Donnaly says:

    If she stays the same size she is now, to push out that baby is going to take one push.

    • Victoria McGuire says:

      Oh that baby has some more growing to do. She will get larger but not huge like some others we have seen. Her body and frame and healthy lifestyle will show her looking healthy and just right just prior to delivery. I pray she can deliver normally with hubby at her side. We did and it is magical moment no one can ever take away from you.

  2. Your_Moms says:

    Hopefully Kate isn’t going to have a c-section. They aren’t good for the baby’s immune system; the birth canal provides exposure to important flora. Also, the bond between mother and child forms through the birth canal when oxytocin is released, this is all lost through c-section.